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Holidays and Observances in Egypt in 2015

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Holidays and Observances in Egypt in 2015

Date NameType
Jan 1ThursdayJanuary 1 Bank HolidayBank Holiday
Jan 7WednesdayCoptic Christmas DayNational holiday
Jan 25SundayRevolution Day January 25National holiday
Mar 21SaturdayMarch EquinoxSeason
Apr 10FridayCoptic Good FridayObservance
Apr 11SaturdayCoptic Holy SaturdayObservance
Apr 12SundayCoptic Easter SundayNational holiday
Apr 13MondaySpring FestivalNational holiday
Apr 25SaturdaySinai Liberation DayNational holiday
May 1FridayLabor DayNational holiday
Jun 21SundayJune SolsticeSeason
Jun 30TuesdayJune 30 RevolutionNational holiday
Jul 1WednesdayJuly 1 Bank HolidayBank Holiday
Jul 17FridayEid el FitrNational holiday
Jul 18SaturdayEid el Fitr Day 2National holiday
Jul 19SundayEid el Fitr Day 3National holiday
Jul 20MondayEid el Fitr Day 4 (public sector)National holiday
Jul 23ThursdayRevolution Day July 23National holiday
Aug 6ThursdayNew Suez Canal LaunchNational holiday
Aug 15SaturdayFlooding of the NileObservance
Sep 12SaturdayNayrouzObservance
Sep 22TuesdayArafat Day (public sector holiday)National holiday
Sep 23WednesdaySeptember EquinoxSeason
Sep 23WednesdayEid al-AdhaNational holiday
Sep 23WednesdayArafat DayNational holiday
Sep 24ThursdayEid al-Adha Day 2National holiday
Sep 25FridayEid al-Adha Day 3National holiday
Sep 26SaturdayEid al-Adha Day 4Bank Holiday
Sep 26SaturdayEid al-Adha Day 4 (public sector)National holiday
Sep 27SundayEid al-Adha Day 5National holiday
Oct 6TuesdayArmed Forces DayNational holiday
Oct 14WednesdayMuharramNational holiday
Oct 19MondayExtra holiday for electionsNational holiday
Dec 22TuesdayDecember SolsticeSeason
Dec 23WednesdayProphet Mohamed's birthdayNational holiday

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