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Holidays and Observances in Israel in 2019

Holidays and Observances in Israel in 2019

Date NameType
Jan 21MondayTu BishvatObservance, Hebrew
Mar 20WednesdayMarch EquinoxSeason
Mar 20WednesdayFast of EstherObservance, Hebrew
Mar 20WednesdayPurim EveObservance, Hebrew
Mar 21ThursdayPurim (Tel Aviv)Local Holiday
Mar 22FridayShushan Purim (Jerusalem)Local Holiday
Apr 9TuesdayElection DayNational holiday
Apr 15MondayAliyah DayOfficial Holiday, Business as usual
Apr 19FridayPassover EveObservance, Hebrew
Apr 20SaturdayPassover (Day 1)National holiday, Hebrew
Apr 21SundayPassover (Day 2)Observance, Hebrew
Apr 22MondayPassover (Day 3)Observance, Hebrew
Apr 23TuesdayPassover (Day 4)Observance, Hebrew
Apr 24WednesdayPassover (Day 5)Observance, Hebrew
Apr 25ThursdayPassover (Day 6)Observance, Hebrew
Apr 26FridayPassover (Day 7)National holiday, Hebrew
May 2ThursdayYom HaShoahObservance, Hebrew
May 8WednesdayYom HaZikaronObservance, Hebrew
May 9ThursdayYom HaAtzmautNational holiday, Hebrew
May 23ThursdayLag BaOmerObservance, Hebrew
Jun 2SundayJerusalem DayObservance, Hebrew
Jun 8SaturdayShavuot EveObservance, Hebrew
Jun 9SundayShavuotNational holiday, Hebrew
Jun 21FridayJune SolsticeSeason
Jul 21Sunday17th of TammuzObservance, Hebrew
Aug 10SaturdayTisha B'Av EveObservance, Hebrew
Aug 11SundayTisha B'AvObservance, Hebrew
Sep 17TuesdayElection DayNational holiday
Sep 23MondaySeptember EquinoxSeason
Sep 29SundayRosh Hashana EveObservance, Hebrew
Sep 30MondayRosh HashanaNational holiday, Hebrew
Oct 1TuesdayRosh Hashana (Day 2)National holiday, Hebrew
Oct 2WednesdayGedaliah FastObservance, Hebrew
Oct 8TuesdayYom Kippur EveObservance, Hebrew
Oct 9WednesdayYom KippurNational holiday, Hebrew
Oct 13SundaySukkot EveObservance, Hebrew
Oct 14MondaySukkot (Day 1)National holiday, Hebrew
Oct 15TuesdaySukkot (Day 2)Observance, Hebrew
Oct 16WednesdaySukkot (Day 3)Observance, Hebrew
Oct 17ThursdaySukkot (Day 4)Observance, Hebrew
Oct 18FridaySukkot (Day 5)Observance, Hebrew
Oct 19SaturdaySukkot (Day 6)Observance, Hebrew
Oct 20SundaySukkot (Day 7) / Hoshanah RabahObservance, Hebrew
Oct 21MondayShemini Atzeret / Simchat TorahNational holiday, Hebrew
Nov 5TuesdayAliyah Day School ObservanceObservance
Dec 22SundayDecember SolsticeSeason
Dec 23MondayHanukkah (Day 1)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 24TuesdayHanukkah (Day 2)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 25WednesdayHanukkah (Day 3)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 26ThursdayHanukkah (Day 4)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 27FridayHanukkah (Day 5)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 28SaturdayHanukkah (Day 6) / Rosh Chodesh TevetObservance, Hebrew
Dec 29SundayHanukkah (Day 7)Observance, Hebrew
Dec 30MondayHanukkah (Day 8)Observance, Hebrew

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