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Pentecost Eve in Norway

Although it is not a public holiday in Norway, shops, including grocery stores, close earlier than normal on Pentecost Eve, which always falls on a Saturday.

Is Pentecost Eve a Public Holiday?

Pentecost Eve is not a public holiday. It falls on Saturday, June 8, 2019 and most businesses follow regular Saturday opening hours in Norway.

Vestpollen chapel by the sea in Lofoten, Norway.

Vestpollen chapel in Lofoten, Norway.


Alcohol sales used to be banned, but are now only somewhat restricted in shops due to the early closing time. Restaurants and bars are open as usual.

Pentecost Eve is the Day before Pentecost or Whit Sunday, exactly 50 days after Easter Sunday, and it marks the birth of the Christian church.

In Norway, Whit Monday is also a public holiday, creating a long weekend in late spring or early summer.

Pentecost Eve Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2015SatMay 23Pentecost EveObservance
2016SatMay 14Pentecost EveObservance
2017SatJun 3Pentecost EveObservance
2018SatMay 19Pentecost EveObservance
2019SatJun 8Pentecost EveObservance
2020SatMay 30Pentecost EveObservance
2021SatMay 22Pentecost EveObservance
2022SatJun 4Pentecost EveObservance
2023SatMay 27Pentecost EveObservance
2024SatMay 18Pentecost EveObservance
2025SatJun 7Pentecost EveObservance

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