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Ascension Day in Portugal

Is Ascension Day a Public Holiday?

This is a public holiday in the listed municipalities. Some smaller towns may also celebrate this day as their municipal holiday.

Ascension Day Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday TypeArea
2015ThuMay 14Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2016ThuMay 5Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2017ThuMay 25Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2018ThuMay 10Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2019ThuMay 30Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2020ThuMay 21Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2021ThuMay 13Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2022ThuMay 26Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2023ThuMay 18Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2024ThuMay 9Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja
2025ThuMay 29Ascension DayMunicipal HolidayBeja

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