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May9 Fun Holiday – Lost Sock Memorial Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9 is a day to commemorate lost socks. The unofficial holiday also encourages people to let go of all the remaining single socks they are collecting in hopes of finding their partners one day.

Honor all the socks you have lost on Lost Sock Memorial Day.


There are few mysteries in life that are as perplexing as the mystery of the missing sock. No matter how hard you try to keep pairs of socks together, invariably one of them ventures out into the netherworld never to be found again.

Lost Sock Memorial Day is a day to honor all those disappeared socks.

How to Celebrate

  • Throw out all the single leftover socks.
  • Use the leftover socks as cleaning cloths. Or spend the day making sock monkeys out of the socks that have sadly lost their partners to the sock blackhole.
  • Have a minute of silence for all the socks you have lost.

Did You Know…

...that the feet have about 250,000 sweat glands that are capable of producing about 1 cup of sweat a day?

Lost Sock Memorial Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Lost Sock Memorial Day Observances
2024ThuMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2025FriMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2026SatMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2027SunMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2028TueMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2029WedMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2030ThuMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2031FriMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2032SunMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day
2033MonMay 9Lost Sock Memorial Day

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