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Dragobete in Romania

Dragobete is a festive Romanian observance that celebrates love, romance and the spring season on or around February 24.

Taking basil to be placed under a pillow is one of the different Dragobete customs in Romania.
Placing basil under a pillow is one of the different Dragobete customs in Romania.

Celebrate Dragobete

There are different customs that are associated with Dragobete and these vary from place to place. It may also be observed on different dates, such as February 28 or 29, depending on the region. Many Romanians exchange gifts with their partners as a way of showing their affection for each other.

One tradition associated with superstition is for women to eat salty bread baked by the eldest woman in the household and place some basil under the pillow. It is believed that the one who does this will dream of their future husband. Another tradition is to wash one’s face with snow for happiness and good health.

Public Life

Dragobete is an observance and not a national public holiday in Romania.

About Dragobete

Dragobete is a festive Romanian holiday that is associated with love and the arrival of spring. According to myth, Dragobete was the son of Baba Dochia, a woman who marks the return of spring. The day is also known as “the time when birds are betrothed” because during this time of year, birds generally build their nests and mate.

Dragobete Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
WedFeb 242010DragobeteObservance
ThuFeb 242011DragobeteObservance
FriFeb 242012DragobeteObservance
SunFeb 242013DragobeteObservance
MonFeb 242014DragobeteObservance
TueFeb 242015DragobeteObservance
WedFeb 242016DragobeteObservance
FriFeb 242017DragobeteObservance
SatFeb 242018DragobeteObservance
SunFeb 242019DragobeteObservance
MonFeb 242020DragobeteObservance

Quick Facts

Dragobete is a folk holiday in Romania with ancient origins that centers on love and the return of spring.

Dragobete 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Dragobete 2018

Saturday, February 24, 2018


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