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Orthodox Pentecost Monday in Romania

Whit Monday and Whit Sunday (Rusalii or Rusaliile), also called Pentecost, are public holidays in Romania to celebrate the Christian belief of the Holy Spirit’s descent on Jesus Christ’s disciples.

Is Orthodox Pentecost Monday a Public Holiday?

Orthodox Pentecost Monday is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Dove in the sky

The dove is a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit, who visited Jesus' disciples according to Christian belief.

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What Do People Do?

Many Romanians have the day off work and school on Whit Monday. Many people can see the Căluşarii’s dance, which is a healing and protection ritual against mythical creatures, around the time of Whit Sunday. Many churches hold special services to celebrate Pentecost.

Public Life

Whit Monday is a national public holiday in Romania so banks, public offices, and many private businesses are closed. People intending to travel via public transport during public holidays must check with the public transit authorities on any changes to time schedules.


Whit Sunday and Whit Monday are on the 50th and 51st days after the Orthodox Easter Sunday date in Romania. Pentecost in Romania is set in accordance with the Orthodox Christian Church’s calendar. Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which differs from the Gregorian calendar used in many western countries. Whit Sunday, or Whitsunday, is celebrated among many Christians worldwide.


The symbols of Pentecost are those of the Holy Spirit and include flames, wind, the breath of God and a dove. Pentecost also symbolizes the beginning of the Christian Church. However, there are some traditions that are associated with myth in Romania. For example, The Căluşarii’s dance serves as a symbol of protection from fairies.

Orthodox Pentecost Monday Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2015MonJun 1Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2016MonJun 20Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2017MonJun 5Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2018MonMay 28Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2019MonJun 17Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2020MonJun 8Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2021MonJun 21Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2022MonJun 13Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2023MonJun 5Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2024MonJun 24Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox
2025MonJun 9Orthodox Pentecost MondayNational holiday, Orthodox

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