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Worldwide Holidays in 2017

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DateWeekdayHoliday Name
Jan 4WednesdayWorld Braille Day
Jan 7SaturdayInternational Programmers' Day
Jan 13FridayFriday the 13th
Jan 15SundayWorld Religion Day
Jan 26ThursdayInternational Customs Day
Jan 29SundayWorld Leprosy Day
Feb 2ThursdayWorld Wetlands Day
Feb 11SaturdayWorld Day of the Sick
Mar 1WednesdaySelf-Injury Awareness Day
Mar 9ThursdayWorld Kidney Day
Mar 25SaturdayEarth Hour
Apr 1SaturdayApril Fool's Day
Apr 18TuesdayInternational Day for Monuments and Sites
Apr 22SaturdayEarth Day
May 8MondayWorld Ovarian Cancer Day
May 20SaturdayWorld Autoimmune Arthritis Day
May 25ThursdayAfrican Liberation Day
Aug 31ThursdayInternational Overdose Awareness Day
Sep 4MondayWorld Sexual Health Day
Sep 13WednesdayInternational Programmers' Day
Sep 23SaturdayInternational Celebrate Bisexuality Day
Oct 1SundayWorld Vegetarian Day
Oct 4WednesdayWorld Cerebral Palsy Day
Oct 13FridayFriday the 13th
Oct 29SundayWorld Stroke Day
Nov 1WednesdayWorld Vegan Day
Nov 17FridayWorld Prematurity Day
Nov 19SundayInternational Men's Day

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