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Millennium (2001) information

Time since year 2001 started

How long is left until the 3rd Millennium starts around the world?

See the current time left around the world in interactive applet version or static version.

How long is left until the 3rd Millennium in ...?

These countdown counters to year 2000 are available: Normal, static countdown and dynamic, applet countdown and they are customizable to any time zone.

3rd Millennium started in 2001

Why year 2001 is the start of the 3rd Millennium?

Many people think that the 3rd Millennium and 21st century start in year 2000. This is a popular myth, it does not start before January 1st, 2001. For more information about why, see the page about the difference

First into year 2001

Who will enter the 3rd Millennium first?

Kiritimati in the Pacific seems to be the place, 14 hours ahead of GMT/UTC.

Who is first and last into the 3rd Millennium?

Information about Year 2000 is found elsewhere.