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Brazil: Daylight Saving Time dates for 2007–2008 announced


Published 20-Sep-2007. Changed 20-Sep-2007

Many Brazilian cities observe daylight saving time during the summer months in the southern hemisphere.

Brazil: Daylight Saving Time dates for 2007–2008 announced

Brazil's DST dates for 2007 and 2008 announced

Many Brazilian cities observe daylight saving time during the summer months in the southern hemisphere.

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Most southern states in Brazil will observe Daylight Saving Time (DST) from Sunday, October 14, 2007 to Sunday, February 17 of 2008. The clocks are adjusted one hour forward at the start of the day (midnight between Saturday and Sunday) on October 14, 2007. The clocks should be set back one hour at midnight between Saturday and Sunday on Febrary 17, 2008.

Brazil's dates change often, so it is difficult to predict dates for future years.

Affected states

The northern part of the country (states north of Distrito Federal (Brasilia), including Mato Grosso and Bahia) do not observe DST, while states mainly south of 15° sou th will observe DST.

States and capitals affected by Daylight Saving Time:

Official announcement

An announcement was published by the Ministério de Minas e Energia (Ministry of Mines and Energy) and is available on their web site in Portugese: 37th edition. The same states will observe DST as last year.

Dates of Daylight Saving Time 1985–2008

These are the dates Daylight Saving Time started and ended in most of Brazil since 1985. Also, note that some of the above states did not observe DST all these years, but those locations that did observe DST used these common start and ending dates.

Current Local Times Around the World

AccraMon 6:50 pmCasablanca *Mon 7:50 pmKolkataTue 12:20 amReykjavikMon 6:50 pm
Addis AbabaMon 9:50 pmChicago *Mon 1:50 pmKuala LumpurTue 2:50 amRio de JaneiroMon 3:50 pm
Adelaide *Tue 5:20 amCopenhagen *Mon 8:50 pmKuwait CityMon 9:50 pmRiyadhMon 9:50 pm
AlgiersMon 7:50 pmDallas *Mon 1:50 pmKyiv *Mon 9:50 pmRome *Mon 8:50 pm
AlmatyTue 12:50 amDar es SalaamMon 9:50 pmLa PazMon 2:50 pmSalt Lake City *Mon 12:50 pm
Amman *Mon 9:50 pmDarwinTue 4:20 amLagosMon 7:50 pmSan Francisco *Mon 11:50 am
Amsterdam *Mon 8:50 pmDenver *Mon 12:50 pmLahoreMon 11:50 pmSan JuanMon 2:50 pm
AnadyrTue 6:50 amDetroit *Mon 2:50 pmLas Vegas *Mon 11:50 amSan SalvadorMon 12:50 pm
Anchorage *Mon 10:50 amDhakaTue 12:50 amLimaMon 1:50 pmSantiago *Mon 3:50 pm
AnkaraMon 9:50 pmDohaMon 9:50 pmLisbon *Mon 7:50 pmSanto DomingoMon 2:50 pm
AntananarivoMon 9:50 pmDubaiMon 10:50 pmLondon *Mon 7:50 pmSão PauloMon 3:50 pm
Asuncion *Mon 3:50 pmDublin *Mon 7:50 pmLos Angeles *Mon 11:50 amSeattle *Mon 11:50 am
Athens *Mon 9:50 pmEdmonton *Mon 12:50 pmMadrid *Mon 8:50 pmSeoulTue 3:50 am
Atlanta *Mon 2:50 pmFrankfurt *Mon 8:50 pmManaguaMon 12:50 pmShanghaiTue 2:50 am
Auckland *Tue 7:50 amGuatemala CityMon 12:50 pmManilaTue 2:50 amSingaporeTue 2:50 am
BaghdadMon 9:50 pmHalifax *Mon 3:50 pmMelbourne *Tue 5:50 amSofia *Mon 9:50 pm
BangaloreTue 12:20 amHanoiTue 1:50 amMexico City *Mon 1:50 pmSt. John's *Mon 4:20 pm
BangkokTue 1:50 amHarareMon 8:50 pmMiami *Mon 2:50 pmStockholm *Mon 8:50 pm
Barcelona *Mon 8:50 pmHavana *Mon 2:50 pmMinneapolis *Mon 1:50 pmSuvaTue 6:50 am
BeijingTue 2:50 amHelsinki *Mon 9:50 pmMinskMon 9:50 pmSydney *Tue 5:50 am
Beirut *Mon 9:50 pmHong KongTue 2:50 amMontevideoMon 3:50 pmTaipeiTue 2:50 am
Belgrade *Mon 8:50 pmHonoluluMon 8:50 amMontréal *Mon 2:50 pmTallinn *Mon 9:50 pm
Berlin *Mon 8:50 pmHouston *Mon 1:50 pmMoscowMon 9:50 pmTashkentMon 11:50 pm
BogotaMon 1:50 pmIndianapolis *Mon 2:50 pmMumbaiTue 12:20 amTegucigalpaMon 12:50 pm
Boston *Mon 2:50 pmIslamabadMon 11:50 pmNairobiMon 9:50 pmTehranMon 10:20 pm
BrasiliaMon 3:50 pmIstanbulMon 9:50 pmNassau *Mon 2:50 pmTokyoTue 3:50 am
BrisbaneTue 4:50 amJakartaTue 1:50 amNew DelhiTue 12:20 amToronto *Mon 2:50 pm
Brussels *Mon 8:50 pmJerusalem *Mon 9:50 pmNew Orleans *Mon 1:50 pmVancouver *Mon 11:50 am
Bucharest *Mon 9:50 pmJohannesburgMon 8:50 pmNew York *Mon 2:50 pmVienna *Mon 8:50 pm
Budapest *Mon 8:50 pmKabulMon 11:20 pmOslo *Mon 8:50 pmWarsaw *Mon 8:50 pm
Buenos AiresMon 3:50 pmKarachiMon 11:50 pmOttawa *Mon 2:50 pmWashington DC *Mon 2:50 pm
CairoMon 8:50 pmKathmanduTue 12:35 amParis *Mon 8:50 pmWinnipeg *Mon 1:50 pm
Calgary *Mon 12:50 pmKhartoumMon 8:50 pmPerthTue 2:50 amYangonTue 1:20 am
Canberra *Tue 5:50 amKingstonMon 1:50 pmPhiladelphia *Mon 2:50 pmZagreb *Mon 8:50 pm
Cape TownMon 8:50 pmKinshasaMon 7:50 pmPhoenixMon 11:50 amZürich *Mon 8:50 pm
CaracasMon 2:50 pmKiritimatiTue 8:50 amPrague *Mon 8:50 pm

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (70 places).

Mon = Monday, October 14, 2019 (112 places).
Tue = Tuesday, October 15, 2019 (31 places).

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