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Upcoming Daylight Saving Time Clock Changes

The following table displays locations which will change their clocks during the next 18 weeks.

DateCountryLocal Time Change
Jun 5 Sun3:00 AM → 2:00 AM (Back)
Jul 8 Fri12:00 AM → 1:00 AM (Forward)
Jul 10 Sun2:00 AM → 3:00 AM (Forward)
Aug 13 Sat10:00 PM → 11:00 PM (Forward)
Aug 14 Sun12:00 AM → 1:00 AM (Forward)
Sep 4 Sun2:00 AM → 3:00 AM (Forward)
Sep 21 Wed
  • Iran (All locations)
12:00 AM → 11:00 PM (Back)
Sep 24 Sat12:00 AM → 11:00 PM (Back)
Sep 25 Sun2:00 AM → 3:00 AM (Forward)
Sep 25 Sun2:45 AM → 3:45 AM (Forward)
Sep 25 Sun3:00 AM → 4:00 AM (Forward)
Oct 2 Sun12:00 AM → 1:00 AM (Forward)
Oct 2 Sun2:00 AM → 2:30 AM (Forward)
Oct 2 Sun2:00 AM → 3:00 AM (Forward)

Time Changes That Have Recently Occurred

The following table displays locations which have changed their clocks during the last 4 weeks.

DateCountryLocal Time Change
May 15 Sun12:00 AM → 11:00 PM (Back)
May 14 Sat10:00 PM → 9:00 PM (Back)

Daylight Saving Time for other years

Yearly OverviewJanuary–JuneJuly–December
2014first half of 2014second half of 2014
2015first half of 2015second half of 2015
2016first half of 2016second half of 2016
2017first half of 2017second half of 2017
2018first half of 2018second half of 2018

Other years

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Daylight Saving Time Changes:


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