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Easter Island Extends Daylight Saving Time


Published 10-Mar-2008

Easter Island will extend its daylight saving time to end on the last Sunday in March in 2008, corresponding with the rest of Chile. Easter Island, also known as Isla de Pascua in Spanish, is an overseas territory of Chile.

Easter Island Extends Daylight Saving Time

Easter Island extended its daylight saving schedule.

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In line with Chile's Mainland

When Chile decided to extend its daylight saving time to March 29, 2008, the extension also applied to Easter Island. This meant that the islands daylight saving time would end three weeks later than usual, as planned by the Chilean government.

According to the Chilean Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service, areas including Easter Island and Salas y Gomez Island would revert to standard time at 10pm on March 29, 2008. The clock would be set back to 9pm during that time.

Daylight saving in Chile was originally planned to end on March 8, 2008, however the extension resulted from the government's plan to save energy and minimize future electricity rationings as the country battles against an energy crisis and drought. Daylight saving time in Easter Island will begin again on October 11, 2008, until  March 14, 2009.

Time Snapshot

Located about 3600km west of Chile's mainland port of Caldera, Easter Island provides Chile a gateway to the Pacific. In 1982, Easter Island was assigned Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +6 hours, thus having a two-hour difference from the official time of mainland Chile. Easter Island is two hours behind Santiago, Chile's capital city. Laws regarding time in Chile have also applied to Easter Island since 1982.

YearStart dateEnd dateDaylight duration
30117936–1982Jul, February 0637, 7936Saturday, March 13, 1982268,722,137 weeks and 6 days
1982–1983Saturday, October 9, 1982Saturday, March 12, 198322 weeks
1983–1984Saturday, October 8, 1983Saturday, March 10, 198422 weeks
1984–1985Saturday, October 13, 1984Saturday, March 9, 198521 weeks
1985–1986Saturday, October 12, 1985Saturday, March 8, 198621 weeks
1986–1987Saturday, October 11, 1986Saturday, April 11, 198726 weeks
1987–1988Saturday, October 10, 1987Saturday, March 12, 198822 weeks
1988–1989Saturday, October 1, 1988Saturday, March 11, 198923 weeks
1989–1990Saturday, October 14, 1989Saturday, March 17, 199022 weeks
1990–1991Saturday, September 15, 1990Saturday, March 9, 199125 weeks
1991–1992Saturday, October 12, 1991Saturday, March 14, 199222 weeks
1992–1993Saturday, October 10, 1992Saturday, March 13, 199322 weeks
1993–1994Saturday, October 9, 1993Saturday, March 12, 199422 weeks
1994–1995Saturday, October 8, 1994Saturday, March 11, 199522 weeks
1995–1996Saturday, October 14, 1995Saturday, March 9, 199621 weeks
1996–1997Saturday, October 12, 1996Saturday, March 29, 199724 weeks
1997–1998Saturday, October 11, 1997Saturday, March 14, 199822 weeks
1998–1999Saturday, September 26, 1998Saturday, April 3, 199927 weeks
1999–2000Saturday, October 9, 1999Saturday, March 11, 200022 weeks
2000–2001Saturday, October 14, 2000Saturday, March 10, 200121 weeks
2001–2002Saturday, October 13, 2001Saturday, March 9, 200221 weeks
2002–2003Saturday, October 12, 2002Saturday, March 8, 200321 weeks
2003–2004Saturday, October 11, 2003Saturday, March 13, 200422 weeks
2004–2005Saturday, October 9, 2004Saturday, March 12, 200522 weeks
2005–2006Saturday, October 8, 2005Saturday, March 11, 200622 weeks
2006–2007Saturday, October 14, 2006Saturday, March 10, 200721 weeks
2007–2008Saturday, October 13, 2007Saturday, March 29, 200824 weeks
2008–2009Saturday, October 11, 2008Saturday, March 14, 200922 weeks
2009–2010Saturday, October 10, 2009Saturday, April 3, 201025 weeks

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