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The Care Of Time

By Allan Eastman

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The Care of Time

sand running thru hands - symbolizes time running thru your hands

Time continually moves on, so humans need to seize the opportunity to give real value to our lives.


But ultimately, Time is the greatest mystery we experience in Life because we cannot control it, no matter how we may manipulate it externally or internally. It continues to move on, in whatever fashion it is doing. All of our differing personal travels in Time arrive at the same destination. Eventually, Time defeats us and we are no more.

It is to escape from this inevitable conclusion that most human cultures have created myths or religions that envision some kind of afterlife. In essence, these are a very understandable human attempt to escape from the consequences of Time.


A once popular figure of speech was “Time will take care of him!” It generally meant that someone practicing some species of bad behaviour would eventually receive their just desserts in the form of a rightful retribution.

But the truth is that Time will take care of us all.

Every living thing’s “Time will come”. At some future point, even the Sun will go super nova and the Universe itself will wind down and come to an end. So really, our own personal extinctions should be thought of as simply part of the natural order of things.

Knowing this, we humans have the opportunity to use our Subjective Time within the relentless flow of Objective Time to give real value to our lives. It is the self awareness of our ephemeral existences that can give the greatest meaning to our individual moments - to recognize and cherish the fragile beauty of living things and of Life, itself. We can use our Time to create, to do good, to teach, to make the world better, to love and to care for others. We can leave a legacy that matters to a future we will not share.

That we exist at all in this moment of Time is our greatest Victory as human beings.