Flag for Canada Alert, Nunavut, Canada — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, October 2018

Current Time: Oct 21, 2018 at 4:05:07 am

Sun Direction: 64° Northeast

Sun Altitude: -14.1°

Sun Distance: 92.537 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2018 5:22 pm (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

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October 2018 — Sun in Alert

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2018Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
17:14 am (109°)4:38 pm (250°)9:24:27−24:51-Rest of night4:30 am7:19 pm11:58 am (4.3°)93.060
27:26 am (112°)4:25 pm (247°)8:59:08−25:19-Rest of night4:43 am7:06 pm11:58 am (4.0°)93.034
37:39 am (116°)4:12 pm (243°)8:33:15−25:53-Rest of night4:55 am6:54 pm11:58 am (3.6°)93.008
47:52 am (119°)3:58 pm (240°)8:06:40−26:35Rest of night11:10 pm5:07 am6:41 pm11:57 am (3.2°)92.982
58:05 am (122°)3:44 pm (237°)7:39:14−27:25Rest of night12:49 am10:30 pm5:18 am6:29 pm11:57 am (2.8°)92.956
68:19 am (126°)3:30 pm (233°)7:10:44−28:29Rest of night1:27 am10:03 pm5:30 am6:17 pm11:57 am (2.5°)92.929
78:34 am (130°)3:15 pm (229°)6:40:56−29:47Rest of night1:54 am9:41 pm5:41 am6:06 pm11:57 am (2.1°)92.903
88:49 am (134°)2:59 pm (225°)6:09:29−31:27Rest of night2:16 am9:22 pm5:53 am5:54 pm11:56 am (1.8°)92.876
99:06 am (138°)2:42 pm (221°)5:35:51−33:37Rest of night2:35 am9:04 pm6:04 am5:42 pm11:56 am (1.4°)92.850
109:24 am (142°)2:23 pm (217°)4:59:20−36:31Rest of night2:52 am8:48 pm6:16 am5:30 pm11:56 am (1.1°)92.823
119:44 am (147°)2:03 pm (212°)4:18:39−40:41Rest of night3:07 am8:33 pm6:27 am5:19 pm11:55 am (0.7°)92.796
1210:08 am (153°)1:39 pm (206°)3:31:19−47:19Rest of night3:22 am8:18 pm6:39 am5:07 pm11:55 am (0.4°)92.769
1310:37 am (161°)1:09 pm (198°)2:31:14−1:00:05Rest of night3:36 am8:05 pm6:50 am4:55 pm11:55 am (0.1°)92.742
1411:33 am (175°)12:12 pm (184°)38:58−1:52:15Rest of night3:49 am7:51 pm7:02 am4:43 pm11:55 am (-0.2°)92.715
15Down all dayRest of night4:02 am7:39 pm7:14 am4:31 pm11:54 am (-0.5°)92.688
16Down all dayRest of night4:14 am7:26 pm7:26 am4:18 pm11:54 am (-0.8°)92.661
17Down all dayRest of night4:26 am7:14 pm7:38 am4:06 pm11:54 am (-1.1°)92.634
18Down all dayRest of night4:38 am7:03 pm7:50 am3:53 pm11:54 am (-1.4°)92.608
19Down all dayRest of night4:49 am6:51 pm8:03 am3:40 pm11:54 am (-1.7°)92.581
20Down all day11:11 pm5:01 am6:40 pm8:17 am3:26 pm11:53 am (-2.1°)92.555
21Down all day12:39 am10:32 pm5:12 am6:29 pm8:30 am3:12 pm11:53 am (-2.8°)92.528
22Down all day1:18 am10:06 pm5:22 am6:18 pm8:45 am2:57 pm11:53 am (-3.5°)92.502
23Down all day1:43 am9:45 pm5:33 am6:07 pm9:00 am2:42 pm11:53 am (-4.0°)92.476
24Down all day2:04 am9:27 pm5:44 am5:57 pm9:17 am2:25 pm11:53 am (-4.4°)92.451
25Down all day2:22 am9:11 pm5:54 am5:46 pm9:35 am2:07 pm11:53 am (-4.7°)92.426
26Down all day2:38 am8:56 pm6:04 am5:36 pm9:55 am1:47 pm11:53 am (-5.1°)92.401
27Down all day2:53 am8:42 pm6:15 am5:26 pm10:20 am1:22 pm11:53 am (-5.4°)92.376
28Down all day3:07 am8:29 pm6:25 am5:15 pm10:52 am12:50 pm11:52 am (-5.8°)92.351
29Down all day3:20 am8:16 pm6:35 am5:05 pmNot above -6°11:52 am (-6.1°)92.327
30Down all day3:32 am8:04 pm6:46 am4:55 pmNot above -6°11:52 am (-6.4°)92.303
31Down all day3:44 am7:53 pm6:56 am4:44 pmNot above -6°11:52 am (-6.7°)92.280
* All times are local time for Alert. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

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