Flag for Russia Khatanga, Russia — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, January 2018

Current Time: Jan 24, 2018 at 3:46:04 am

Sun Direction: 58° Northeast

Sun Altitude: -29.9°

Sun Distance: 91.502 million mi

Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2018 11:15 pm (Vernal)

Sun: Down all day

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Yearly Sun Graph for Khatanga


January 2018 — Sun in Khatanga

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2018Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
JanSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Down all day7:04 am5:23 pm8:34 am3:53 pm10:52 am1:34 pm12:13 pm (-5.0°)91.403
2Down all day7:03 am5:24 pm8:33 am3:55 pm10:49 am1:38 pm12:13 pm (-4.9°)91.402
3Down all day7:03 am5:26 pm8:32 am3:57 pm10:46 am1:42 pm12:14 pm (-4.8°)91.402
4Down all day7:02 am5:28 pm8:30 am3:59 pm10:43 am1:46 pm12:14 pm (-4.7°)91.402
5Down all day7:01 am5:29 pm8:29 am4:01 pm10:40 am1:51 pm12:15 pm (-4.6°)91.403
6Down all day7:00 am5:31 pm8:28 am4:03 pm10:36 am1:55 pm12:15 pm (-4.5°)91.405
7Down all day6:59 am5:33 pm8:26 am4:06 pm10:33 am1:59 pm12:16 pm (-4.4°)91.407
8Down all day6:57 am5:36 pm8:25 am4:08 pm10:29 am2:04 pm12:16 pm (-4.2°)91.409
9Down all day6:56 am5:38 pm8:23 am4:11 pm10:25 am2:08 pm12:17 pm (-4.0°)91.412
10Down all day6:55 am5:40 pm8:21 am4:13 pm10:22 am2:13 pm12:17 pm (-3.8°)91.416
11Down all day6:53 am5:42 pm8:19 am4:16 pm10:18 am2:18 pm12:17 pm (-3.6°)91.420
12Down all day6:52 am5:45 pm8:17 am4:19 pm10:14 am2:22 pm12:18 pm (-3.4°)91.424
13Down all day6:50 am5:47 pm8:15 am4:22 pm10:10 am2:27 pm12:18 pm (-3.1°)91.429
14Down all day6:48 am5:50 pm8:13 am4:25 pm10:06 am2:32 pm12:19 pm (-2.7°)91.434
15Down all day6:46 am5:53 pm8:11 am4:28 pm10:02 am2:37 pm12:19 pm (-2.3°)91.439
16Down all day6:44 am5:55 pm8:08 am4:31 pm9:58 am2:41 pm12:19 pm (-2.0°)91.445
17Down all day6:42 am5:58 pm8:06 am4:34 pm9:54 am2:46 pm12:20 pm (-1.8°)91.452
18Down all day6:40 am6:01 pm8:03 am4:37 pm9:50 am2:51 pm12:20 pm (-1.6°)91.458
19Down all day6:38 am6:04 pm8:01 am4:41 pm9:46 am2:56 pm12:20 pm (-1.4°)91.465
20Down all day6:36 am6:07 pm7:58 am4:44 pm9:41 am3:01 pm12:21 pm (-1.2°)91.472
21Down all day6:33 am6:10 pm7:55 am4:47 pm9:37 am3:06 pm12:21 pm (-1.1°)91.480
22Down all day6:31 am6:13 pm7:52 am4:51 pm9:33 am3:10 pm12:21 pm (-0.9°)91.488
23Down all day6:28 am6:16 pm7:50 am4:54 pm9:29 am3:15 pm12:21 pm (-0.7°)91.496
24Down all day6:25 am6:19 pm7:47 am4:58 pm9:24 am3:20 pm12:22 pm (-0.5°)91.505
25Down all day6:23 am6:23 pm7:43 am5:02 pm9:20 am3:25 pm12:22 pm (-0.3°)91.514
2611:54 am (173°)12:51 pm (187°)57:396:20 am6:26 pm7:40 am5:05 pm9:16 am3:30 pm12:22 pm (-0.1°)91.524
2711:34 am (168°)1:12 pm (192°)1:38:37+40:586:17 am6:29 pm7:37 am5:09 pm9:11 am3:34 pm12:22 pm (0.1°)91.534
2811:19 am (165°)1:27 pm (195°)2:07:35+28:586:14 am6:33 pm7:34 am5:13 pm9:07 am3:39 pm12:22 pm (0.3°)91.544
2911:07 am (162°)1:39 pm (198°)2:31:37+24:026:11 am6:36 pm7:31 am5:16 pm9:02 am3:44 pm12:23 pm (0.5°)91.555
3010:57 am (160°)1:50 pm (201°)2:52:45+21:086:08 am6:40 pm7:27 am5:20 pm8:58 am3:49 pm12:23 pm (0.8°)91.567
3110:48 am (157°)2:00 pm (203°)3:11:58+19:136:05 am6:43 pm7:24 am5:24 pm8:54 am3:54 pm12:23 pm (1.0°)91.579
* All times are local time for Khatanga. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

Perihelion was on January 3, 2018 at 12:34 pm in Khatanga. The Earth was closest to the Sun at this time.

Khatanga has polar nights in January.

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