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timeanddate.com’s New iPhone Countdown


Published 29-Dec-2009. Changed 21-May-2010

Accuracy, reliability and variety are the words that best describe timeanddate.com’s new countdown application that is now available on the Apple iPhone.

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The Exact Countdown 2010 Icon

How to get Exact Countdown 2010

The application is called Exact Countdown 2010 and is available through iTunes link or by searching for Exact Countdown 2010 in App Store (directly from the iPhone or iPod touch).

About the Countdown

timeanddate.com’s countdown gives iPhone users an accurate countdown to the New Year or any other date, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and much more. Whatever the occasion is, the timeanddate.com countdown gives you a precise countdown to your event, which you can personalize.

Enter the New Year 2010 with Confidence on Accuracy

The timeanddate.com countdown is accurate because it tells you exactly when you enter the year 2010, while keeping a view of when the New Year occurs in other time zones around the world.  Our countdown clock synchronizes with an accurate time source – so you can trust timeanddate.com has the correct time, even if your iPhone’s clock is not synchronized to show the correct time. So, if you plan on using our countdown for the New Year, you know exactly when the clock strikes midnight between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

There is also a multiple time zone overview for the New Year countdown so you can see which countries and regions enter the year 2010 first, the time they enter 2010 in your time zone, and who will be the last to experience the New Year.

image showing different views on the iphone application

timeanddate.com Countdown Benefits

timeanddate.com’s easy-to-use countdown application on Apple iPhone gives you the following choices:

  • Countdown to any event – not limited to just one event (eg. it is not just a New Year countdown).
  • Recurring countdowns – set up a countdown for a given date that recurs on an annual basis.*
  • Count up from an event – so instead of counting down to a future event, you can count back to a past event, such as the day you were born. Find out your age in days, hours, minutes and even seconds!
  • You can configure countdowns to multiple events and easily switch between them.
  • Visual variety - you can choose from a range of different backgrounds, as well as switch between a shortened view or a more detailed view of how the days, hours, minutes and seconds are shown for each event.

*The recurring countdown option will soon have an update for more advanced recurring events.

For more information, read about how to use our countdown application on iPhone.

About Us

timeanddate.com is an established company that first came online in 1998, and maintains more than a decade of experience in being a thorough, accurate and reliable provider of time and date related information worldwide. The timeanddate.com countdown for the Apple iPhone is an extension of the work that we do. We plan to enhance and extend this application with more functionality in the near future. A free update on the timeanddate.com iPhone countdown will be made in the near future, so keep an eye out for this upgrade.

Comments and Feedback

For comments, complete the feedback form by clicking on the Feedback link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to webmaster@timeanddate.com.

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