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Flag for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Weather in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country Capital


32 °F


Feels Like: 32 °F
Forecast: 45 / 35 °F
Wind: 1 mph from North

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country High: 46 °F Mostar
Country Low: 30 °F Srebrenica
Max Wind: 5 mph Medjugorje

Weather in Bosnia and Herzegovina (12 Locations)

Banja Luka *Sat 5:36 amPassing clouds.N/AMedjugorje *Sat 5:36 amClear. Cool.46 °FSrebrenica *Sat 5:36 amClear. Chilly.30 °F
Bijeljina *Sat 5:36 amClear. Chilly.34 °FMostar *Sat 5:36 amClear. Cool.46 °FTuzla *Sat 5:36 amClear. Chilly.30 °F
Cazin *Sat 5:36 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FPrijedor *Sat 5:36 amClear. Chilly.36 °FZenica *Sat 5:36 amChilly.35 °F
Livno *Sat 5:36 amPassing clouds.N/ASarajevo *Sat 5:36 amClear. Chilly.32 °FČapljina *Sat 5:36 amClear. Cool.46 °F