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Flag for Greenland

Sunrise and Sunset in Greenland

Moon: 46.4%
First Quarter
Constituent Country: Greenland
Country: Denmark
Abbreviations: GL, GRL
Capital: Nuuk
Time Zones: 3
Dial Code: +299

↑ Sunrise and ↓ Sunset in Greenland (22 Locations)

AasiaatUp all dayNuuk↑ 3:15 am↓ 11:46 pmStation NordUp all day
DaneborgUp all dayNuussuaqUp all daySummit CampUp all day
DanmarkshavnUp all dayPaamiut↑ 3:43 am↓ 11:02 pmTasiilaq↑ 1:40 am↓ 11:27 pm
IlulissatUp all dayQaanaaqUp all dayThule Air BaseUp all day
IttoqqortoormiitUp all dayQaqortoq↑ 3:44 am↓ 10:32 pmUpernavikUp all day
KangerlussuaqUp all dayQeqertarsuaqUp all dayUummannaqUp all day
Maniitsoq↑ 2:48 am↓ 12:24 amSavissivikUp all day
Narsarsuaq↑ 3:37 am↓ 10:34 pmSisimiutUp all day