The People @ Time and Date AS

Our team consists of programmers, designers, journalists, and administrative staff from four continents, all devoted to providing you with information, tools, calculators, apps, and APIs you can rely on.

Diversity is important to us; we draw from each other's experiences, and the team reflects our global audience.


Steffen Thorsen

Steffen Thorsen is the founder, owner, and CEO of Time and Date AS. What he started as a student project in 1995, has grown into the world-leading online resource for time and time zone tools and so much more!

Meet the CEO

Portrait of Steffen Thorsen, CEO

Editorial Team

Portrait of Konstantin Bikos

Konstantin Bikos

Editorial Team Lead

Joined us in 2010.

Portrait of Anne Buckle

Anne Buckle

Web Editor & Journalist

Joined us in 2014.

Placeholder image for Ingvill Brastad

Ingvill Brastad


Joined us in 2020.

Portrait of Aparna Kher

Aparna Kher

Web Editor & Journalist

Joined us in 2012.

Meet the Editorial Team

Operations Team

Portrait of Tone Are Bishop

Tone Are Bishop

Office Assistant

Joined us in 2019.

Portrait of Åshild Heien

Åshild Heien

HR Advisor

Joined us in 2015.

Portrait of Adalbert Michelic

Adalbert Michelic

Senior System Administrator

Joined us in 2011.

Portrait of Coby Wijnands

Coby Wijnands

Project Manager

Joined us in 2018.

Backend Team

Portrait of Cato Auestad

Cato Auestad

Backend Team Lead

Joined us in 2015.

Portrait of Edward Cerullo

Edward Angelo Cerullo

Support & QA

Joined us in 2015.

Portrait of Stephen Jothen

Stephen Jothen

Senior Backend Developer

Joined us in 2013.

Portrait of Eivind Kjørstad

Eivind Kjørstad

Senior Backend Developer

Joined us in 2013.

Placeholder image for John Nye

John Nye

App developer

Joined us in 2015.

Portrait of Zoltán Tüskés

Zoltán Tüskés

App developer

Joined us in 2015.

Frontend Team

Portrait of Andrew Ardener

Andrew Ardener

Frontend Team Lead

Joined us in 2009.

Portrait of Jonas Dam

Jonas Dam

Frontend Developer

Joined us in 2018.

Design Team

Portrait of Geremy Krause

Geremy Krause

Design Team Lead

Joined us in 2011.

Portrait of Ingvill Oddsen

Ingvill Oddsen


Joined us in 2015.


Portrait of Graham Jones

Graham Jones

Astrophysicist & Science Communicator

Working in Our Team

We work hard to keep our users up-to-date about the world's ever-changing time zones, seasons, weather, eclipses, and so much more. Collaboration is key when our journalists, programmers, and designers develop and maintain our services and apps.

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Our Company Values

Illustration of a bubble graph showing the Time and date AS company values collaboration, trust, respect, evolution, and enjoyment.