Meet the Editorial Team

More than a million people visit each day. The secret to our success? Reliability, based on expertise and journalistic professionalism.

Our editorial team consists of trained journalists and researchers with years of experience. We follow a thorough QA process and work together with experts to ensure our content is accurate and current.

Konstantin Bikos

Editorial Team Lead

Konstantin manages our editorial team, and he is also the editor in charge of, our German site. Part of the timeanddate family since 2010, his journalistic career began as a science and music journalist in his home country, Germany. Apart from his Diplom degree in journalism from Hohenheim University, he holds a master's degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). Konstantin enjoys going on endless cycling trips with his family and playing weird musical instruments. Show moreShow less

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Ingvill Brastad


Ingvill joined timeanddate as a researcher in 2020. She verifies the information we present on our sites, researches dates and facts about holidays worldwide, and keeps our On-This-Day and places databases updated. A trained translator, Ingvill also provides Norwegian translations for She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Geography from the University of Oslo and previously worked as a technical translator. In her spare time, she enjoys crosswords, puzzles, and armchair geography. Show moreShow less

Anne Buckle

Web Editor & Journalist

As our resident time zone expert, Anne is responsible for keeping us up-to-date with the world's time zones and reporting any changes in the Time Zone News. She also hosts our eclipse live streams and is in charge of, our Norwegian website. Anne joined our team in 2014, bringing over ten years of experience as a photojournalist. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management and a journalism degree from the University of Stavanger. Her passions are plants, food, photography, and hiking—not necessarily in that order. Show moreShow less

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Mathew Gundersen


Mathew joined the research team at timeanddate in 2021. His job is to ensure dates, holiday facts, On-This-Day events, and various other content on the site are accurate and up to date. Mathew has a BA in English Literature from the University of Buckingham and an MA in Ibsen Studies from the University of Oslo. He has professional experience in journalism, media, and broadcasting. Away from work, Mathew enjoys reading, running, football, and swimming in the fjords. Show moreShow less

Graham Jones

Astrophysicist & Science Communicator

Graham has been part of the extended timeanddate family since 2017. He has been an integral part of our eclipse live streams and has reviewed and contributed to our articles on astronomy. He has a BSc in astrophysics from Royal Holloway, University of London, and an MSc in science communication from the University of Edinburgh. Before joining us, he taught at the University of Shiga Prefecture in Japan. His favorite piece of astronomy trivia is that the word for an eclipse in Hindi, grahan, is almost the same as his name. Show moreShow less

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Aparna Kher

Web Editor & Journalist

Aparna joined timeanddate in 2012 and covers astronomy, space science, and holidays around the world. She has worked and lived on three continents and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Delhi, an MA in International Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, and a PhD in Political Science from Binghamton University in New York. When not working, she likes to read microhistories, plan parties, and learn new skills. Show moreShow less

Georg Rehberger

Web Editor & Journalist

Georg joined the editorial team in August 2020 and is responsible for, our sister site in German. His interests lie in the intersection of science, technology, and history, not surprising since he holds a Master's degree in History of Science and Technology from the University of Munich. Before joining timeanddate, Georg worked as a technology communicator, writing for international PR & communication agencies. He loves food, typography, and traveling. Show moreShow less

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Working in Our Team

Our writers are responsible for all textual content, and that involves far more than growing our extensive library of articles. The editorial team’s daily work covers fields as diverse as SEO, database maintenance, research, UX, marketing, and content localization for our German and Norwegian websites.

From keeping our users up-to-date about the world's time zones to working together with programmers and designers to develop a new service, editorial work at is diverse, interdisciplinary, multicultural, and fun.

Former Team Members

Vigdis Hocken

Web Editor & Journalist

From 2011 to 2020, Vigdis wrote about a large variety of topics for She was also the editor in charge of, our Norwegian website. She has an MA in journalism, history, and philosophy. Show moreShow less