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Holidays and Observances in Germany in 2022

Holidays and Observances in Germany in 2022

Date NameTypeDetails
Jan 1SaturdayNew Year's DayNational holiday 
Jan 6ThursdayEpiphanyObservance, ChristianNDS*, SN, TH
Jan 6ThursdayEpiphanyCommon local holidayBW, BY, ST
Jan 22SaturdayFranco-German DayObservance 
Jan 27ThursdayRemembrance Day for the Victims of National SocialismObservance 
Feb 14MondayValentine's DayObservance 
Feb 16WednesdayHizir FastObservanceBremen, Hamburg
Feb 28MondayShrove MondayObservance 
Mar 1TuesdayCarnival TuesdayObservance 
Mar 2WednesdayCarnival / Ash WednesdaySilent Day 
Mar 8TuesdayInternational Women's DayObservanceAll except B
Mar 8TuesdayInternational Women's DayCommon local holidayBerlin
Mar 17ThursdaySt. Patrick's DayObservance, Christian 
Mar 18FridayAnniversary of the March RevolutionObservanceBerlin
Mar 20SundayMarch EquinoxSeason 
Mar 21MondayAlevitic New YearObservanceBremen, Hamburg
Mar 27SundayDaylight Saving Time startsClock change/Daylight Saving Time 
Apr 10SundayPalm SundayObservance, Christian 
Apr 14ThursdayMaundy ThursdayObservance, ChristianAll except BY, HE, NRW, RLP, SL
Apr 14ThursdayMaundy ThursdaySilent DayBY, HE, NRW, RLP, SL
Apr 15FridayGood FridayNational holiday, Christian 
Apr 16SaturdayHoly SaturdaySilent DayBY, HE, NDS, RLP, SL
Apr 16SaturdayFirst Day of PassoverObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Apr 17SundayEaster SundayObservance, ChristianAll except BB
Apr 17SundayEaster SundayChristian, Common local holidayBrandenburg
Apr 17SundaySecond Day of PassoverObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Apr 18MondayEaster MondayNational holiday, Christian 
Apr 21ThursdaySixth Day of PassoverObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Apr 22FridaySeventh Day of PassoverObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Apr 23SaturdayGerman Beer DayObservance 
Apr 28ThursdayGirls' Day / Boys' DayObservance 
Apr 30SaturdayWalpurgis NightObservance 
May 1SundayMay DayNational holiday 
May 3TuesdayEid ul FitrObservance, MuslimBremen, Hamburg
May 5ThursdayEurope Day (Council of Europe)Observance 
May 8SundayMother's DayObservance 
May 8SundayAnniversary of the End of World War IIObservanceB, BB, HB, MVP, TH
May 9MondayEurope Day (European Union)Observance 
May 23MondayConstitution DayObservance 
May 26ThursdayFather's DayObservance 
May 26ThursdayAscension DayNational holiday, Christian 
Jun 1WednesdayInternational Childrens' DayObservance 
Jun 3FridayEuropean Bicycle DayObservance 
Jun 5SundayWhit SundayChristian, Common local holidayBrandenburg
Jun 5SundayWhit SundayObservance, ChristianAll except BB
Jun 5SundayFirst Day of ShavuotObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Jun 6MondayWhit MondayNational holiday, Christian 
Jun 6MondaySecond Day of ShavuotObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Jun 16ThursdayCorpus ChristiChristian, Common local holidayBW, BY, HE, NRW, RLP, SL, SN*, TH*
Jun 17FridayRemembrance of the Victims of SED InjusticeObservanceBerlin, Thuringia
Jun 19SundayCar-free SundayObservance 
Jun 21TuesdayJune SolsticeSeason 
Jun 24FridaySt. JohnObservance, ChristianSaxony
Jun 25SaturdayArchitecture DayObservance 
Jun 29WednesdaySt Peter and PaulObservance, ChristianSaxony
Jul 10SundayEid al-AdhaObservance, MuslimBremen, Hamburg
Aug 8MondayPeace Festival in AugsburgLocal holidayBavaria**
Aug 8MondayAshura (Tentative Date)Observance, MuslimBremen, Hamburg
Aug 15MondayAssumption of MaryChristian, Common local holidayBavaria*, Saarland
Aug 15MondayAssumption of MaryObservance, ChristianSaxony, Thuringia
Sep 1ThursdayAnti War DayObservance 
Sep 10SaturdayGerman Language DayObservance 
Sep 11SundayEuropean Heritage DaysObservance 
Sep 20TuesdayGerman World Children's DayObservance 
Sep 20TuesdayGerman World Children's DayCommon local holidayThuringia
Sep 23FridaySeptember EquinoxSeason 
Sep 26MondayRosh HashanaObservance, HebrewBY, HB, NRW, SL
Sep 27TuesdaySecond Day of Rosh HashanaObservance, HebrewBY, HB, NRW, SL
Oct 1SaturdayGerman Food Bank DayObservance 
Oct 2SundayHarvest FestivalObservance 
Oct 3MondayDay of German UnityNational holiday 
Oct 5WednesdayYom KippurObservance, HebrewBY, HB, NRW, SL
Oct 9SundayGrandparents' DayObservanceBavaria
Oct 10MondayFirst day of SukkotObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Oct 11TuesdaySecond Day of SukkotObservance, HebrewBY, HB, SL
Oct 15SaturdaySixth Day of SukkotObservance, HebrewBavaria
Oct 16SundaySeventh Day of SukkotObservance, HebrewBavaria
Oct 17MondayShemini AtzeretObservance, HebrewBremen, Saarland
Oct 18TuesdaySimchat TorahObservance, HebrewBremen
Oct 28FridayWorld Thrift DayObservance 
Oct 30SundayDaylight Saving Time endsClock change/Daylight Saving Time 
Oct 31MondayReformation DayCommon local holidayBB, HB, HH, MVP, NDS, SH, SN, ST, TH
Oct 31MondayReformation DayObservance, ChristianBremen, BW
Oct 31MondayHalloweenObservance 
Nov 1TuesdayAll Saints' DaySilent Day, public holidayBW, BY, NRW, RLP, SL
Nov 1TuesdayAll Saints' DayObservance, ChristianHB, NDS*, SN, TH
Nov 2WednesdayAll Souls' DaySilent DayLower Saxony*
Nov 9WednesdayNight of Broken Glass Remembrance DayObservance 
Nov 9Wednesday9th of NovemberObservanceBerlin
Nov 9WednesdayFall of the Berlin WallObservance 
Nov 11FridaySt. Martin's DayObservance, Christian 
Nov 13SundayNational Day of MourningSilent Day 
Nov 16WednesdayRepentance DayChristian, Common local holidaySaxony
Nov 16WednesdayRepentance DayObservance, ChristianBW, HE, NDS, RLP, TH
Nov 16WednesdayRepentance DaySilent DayBY, SL, SN
Nov 20SundaySunday of the DeadSilent Day 
Nov 27SundayFirst Advent SundayObservance, Christian 
Dec 4SundaySecond Advent SundayObservance, Christian 
Dec 6TuesdaySaint Nicholas DayObservance, Christian 
Dec 8ThursdayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionObservance, ChristianSaxony
Dec 11SundayThird Advent SundayObservance, Christian 
Dec 18SundayFourth Advent SundayObservance, Christian 
Dec 19MondayRemembrance Day for Roma and Sinti killed by GenocideObservance 
Dec 21WednesdayDecember SolsticeSeason 
Dec 24SaturdayChristmas EveSilent Day 
Dec 25SundayChristmas DayNational holiday, Christian 
Dec 26MondayBoxing DayNational holiday, Christian 
Dec 31SaturdayNew Year's EveBank holiday 

* Observed only in some communities of this state.

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