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Assumption of Mary in the United States

Catholic churches in the United States celebrate the feast of the Assumption on August 15 each year to honor the belief that Jesus' mother was taken to heaven.

Is Assumption of Mary a Public Holiday?

Assumption of Mary is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

Many Christians in the United States attend mass (church service) on Assumption Day.


What Do People Do?

Many Christians in the United States attend mass (church service) and have big feasts to celebrate Mary’s rise into heaven on Assumption Day. Although it is not celebrated as extravagantly as other countries, there are many states that have festivals with music, dancing, food vendors, artwork, parades and firework shows to celebrate this event.

One of the largest Assumption Day celebrations is in Cleveland, Ohio, where there is a four-day festival that starts on August 12. The festival celebrates the Feast of Assumption in the city's Little Italy neighborhood.

Public Life

Assumption Day, which is on August 15, is not a public holiday in the United States so schools, government offices and businesses are open. Public transport providers run to their usual schedules. In New York City, the laws regarding which side of the street you can park on are suspended for Assumption Day.


Assumption Day is considered a Holy Day of Obligation, but if it falls on a Saturday or on a Monday, it is not obligatory by the church to attend mass.  This was amended in the church calendar by US (United States) bishops in 1991.

About Assumption of Mary in other countries

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Assumption of Mary Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday TypeArea
2010SunAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2011MonAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2012WedAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2013ThuAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2014FriAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2015SatAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2016MonAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2017TueAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2018WedAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2019ThuAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 
2020SatAug 15Assumption of MaryChristian 

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