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Need to set up an international videoconference, a web meeting, or a phone date with people across time zones on-the-go? timeanddate.com’s Meeting Planner app offers you the convenience of arranging international meetings straight from your iPhone or iPad.

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About the Meeting Planner

Our Meeting Planner iPhone and iPad app gives you the ability to easily plan international meetings with participants across time zones straight from your iPhone or iPad, by helping you find the best possible meeting time for each attendee.

Our app features a large list of cities from around the world, as well as an hour-by-hour color coded timetable. Users can easily select an appropriate meeting time for all attendees and send the meeting time information to all involved parties via email and add the event to their iCalendar on their iPhone or iPad.

Plan International Meetings with Ease

Now, no one has to stay up late in order to make it to the meeting!

The Meeting Planner by timeanddate.com iPhone and iPad app will help you arrange a meeting with people from all around the world. Just select your participants' locations and the date of the meeting, and our app will not only calculate the time difference between each location, but will also display a color coded, easy to read timetable with the local time for each location. All you need to plan your meeting, is to choose the most convinient time for all attendees from this timetable.

You can email the suggested meeting times to others directly from your iPhone and add the selected meeting as an event to the iCalendar on your iPhone or iPad.


Meeting Planner by timeanddate.com offers you:

  • Global Scope – Add an unlimited number of cities from a large selection of cities worldwide with reliable and up-to-date time zone information for each location.
  • Accuracy – Synchronize the time within the app to display the correct time based on timeanddate.com databases.
  • Reliability – Time zone information change constantly. The app automatically updates time zone changes using databases from timeanddate.com, which constantly monitors time zone changes around the world.
  • Save Meetings – All meetings are automatically saved with the locations’ names in the Meetings folder. You can give your meeting a custom name and save it in the Saved Meetings folder, for reuse in the future.
  • Organization – Add meeting details into the inbuilt calendar.
  • Customization – Select the time within the hour for your meeting, as well as choose the duration of the meeting.
  • Convenience – The color coded timetable shows the best matched time based on the convenience of each location’s local time.
  • International Connection – Easily share the meeting details with attendees via email.
  • Visual Versatility – The Meeting Planner app by timeanddate.com supports landscape and portrait orientation.

Learn how to use the Meeting Planner app on iPhone or iPad.


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