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The World Clock–Time Zones App

The Apps below will no longer be extended with new functionality, but will still be maintained for some time.

You can still use them, but we recommend replacing them with our new, free World Clock App for iOS.

NEW World Clock App for iOS

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World Clock Gold – Time Zones

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World Clock–Time Zones Gold App for iPhone

This App will no longer be upgraded

You can still use World Clock Gold – Time Zones, but we will not be adding new features.

The World Clock Gold – Time Zones App offers a number of extra features, including an interactive Time Zone Map and Daylight Saving Time (DST) dates for locations around the world. No advertisements are shown in this app.

Like the free World Clock Gold–Time Zones app, the Gold version contains information about local times, UTC-offsets, time zones, and much more for thousands of cities worldwide.

“Fantastic app. Select the cities that you want to keep track of,
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World Clock–Time Zones

World Clock–Time Zones App for iPhone

The free World Clock–Time Zones app gives iPhone users the ability to find the local time and time zone information for locations around the world. FREE

Select a city to find out its offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the country’s flag, the country’s time zone name and abbreviation, as well as its offset from your current location.

“I love the World Clock app. It opens quickly and functions exactly
as it should. Flawless, functional and efficient. I highly recommend it.”


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Available in Gold version and in-App Premium upgrade:

  • Time Zone Converter – Find time difference between an unlimited number of locations worldwide.
  • Interactive Time Zone Map – Get an overview of time zones and current local times worldwide. Zoom in on the map to see in which time zone a city is situated. Access a city's information page directly from the map.
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST) – Find out when DST begins and ends around the world.
  • Ad-free browsing – Enjoy the app's many features without advertisements occupying part of your screen.

Available in all versions:

  • World Clock – Current local times, UTC-offsets, time zones, and time difference from your current location for thousands of cities worldwide.
  • Country and City Information – Country flag, link to map with precise location.
  • Accuracy – Synchronize the time within the app to display the correct time from timeanddate.com (*).
  • Reliability – Automatically updates to the databases from timeanddate.com to support time zone information changes that occur around the world.
  • Convenience – Easily view the local time for your most viewed locations.
  • Personalization – Choose from a variety of analog clock designs and select the type of display – analog, digital, or text clock.
  • Customization – Add cities/locations to your Favorites, which are saved for easy reuse.
  • Visual versatility – The application supports landscape and portrait orientation.

(*) Synchronization and database updates require an Internet Connection. The app will still work offline, but cannot access any possible database changes until it is online again. Synchronization will not update the device clock, only the time shown in the app.

Countries are constantly changing time zones and daylight saving time (DST) schedules. The World Clock-Time Zones app automatically takes into account these changes in all countries and territories. It is synchronized with the databases from timeanddate.com, which are monitored and maintained on a daily basis.

How to use the World Clock–Time Zones app on iPhone


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