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Egypt Abolishes Daylight Saving Time


Published 20-Apr-2011

Egyptians will not have to stress about yearly time changes anymore.

Sailing a felucca, a type of sailing boat, on the Nile River in Luxor, Egypt.

Egyptians will not have to stress about yearly time changes anymore.

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On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, the Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers issued a decree to abolish daylight saving time (DST) for good. The country was originally scheduled to switch to DST on April 29.

DST chaos

The decision follows a poll conducted by the Egyptian government in which 79% of the participants expressed their wish to stop using DST in the North African country. A somewhat erratic time schedule may have contributed to the increasing dismay. In 2010, clocks were adjusted four times to accommodate the observation of Ramadan.

Wishful thinking

Egypt first introduced in 1988 to curb electricity consumption. However, a recent study conducted by the Ministry of Electricity and Energy revealed that the measure had no significant impact on power usage.

Egypt is two hours ahead of UTC.

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