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Kazakhstan: Qyzylorda Changes Its Time Zone


Published 21-Dec-2018

Kazakhstan's Qyzylorda (Kyzylorda) region has recently changed its time zone from UTC+6 to UTC+5.

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Presidential residence in Astana, Kazakhstan

Presidential residence in Astana, the capitial of Kazakhstan.


Changed December 21

Clocks in the Qyzylorda region in southern Kazakhstan, including the region's capital city of the same name, were turned back by 1 hour at midnight between December 20 and December 21.

Qyzylorda Joins Western Kazakhstan

Before the change, Qyzylorda observed UTC+6, together with eastern parts of the country, which include Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and Almaty, the country's largest city. Now, the region has moved to UTC+5, joining western regions of Kazakhstan, including the cities of Aqtobe and Oral.

The official announcement confirming the time zone change was published just days before the measure took effect.

Time in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, covering over 40° of longitude from its western to its eastern border. While its geographical dimensions would warrant using three or four time zones, the country is currently divided into only two:

  1. Western regions observe UTC+5. Time zone names include AQTT, ORAT, and now QYZT.
  2. Eastern and central regions observe ALMT, which is UTC+6.

Kazakhstan's eastern neighbor, China, covers even more ground from east to west, but it observes only one time zone.


Current time in


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Current time in


Saturday, October 19, 2019

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