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Belgrano II Base, Antarctica — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, July 2019

Current Time: Jul 16, 2019 at 3:59:38 pm

Sun Direction: 295° Northwest

Sun Altitude: -16.5°

Sun Distance: 94.480 million mi

Next Equinox: Sep 23, 2019 4:50 am (Vernal)

Sun: Down all day

Location of Belgrano II BaseLocation

2019 Sun Graph for Belgrano II Base

July 2019 — Sun in Belgrano II Base

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2019Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
JulSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Down all day6:53 am3:51 pm9:44 am1:01 pmNot above -6°11:22 am (-11.0°)94.510
2Down all day6:52 am3:53 pm9:40 am1:04 pmNot above -6°11:22 am (-10.9°)94.512
3Down all day6:50 am3:55 pm9:37 am1:08 pmNot above -6°11:22 am (-10.8°)94.513
4Down all day6:49 am3:57 pm9:33 am1:12 pmNot above -6°11:22 am (-10.7°)94.513
5Down all day6:47 am3:59 pm9:30 am1:16 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.6°)94.513
6Down all day6:45 am4:01 pm9:26 am1:20 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.6°)94.512
7Down all day6:43 am4:03 pm9:22 am1:25 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.4°)94.511
8Down all day6:41 am4:06 pm9:18 am1:29 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.3°)94.510
9Down all day6:39 am4:08 pm9:13 am1:34 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.2°)94.507
10Down all day6:37 am4:11 pm9:09 am1:39 pmNot above -6°11:23 am (-10.1°)94.505
11Down all day6:34 am4:14 pm9:05 am1:43 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-10.0°)94.502
12Down all day6:32 am4:17 pm9:00 am1:48 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.8°)94.498
13Down all day6:29 am4:20 pm8:55 am1:53 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.7°)94.495
14Down all day6:26 am4:23 pm8:51 am1:58 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.5°)94.491
15Down all day6:23 am4:26 pm8:46 am2:03 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.4°)94.486
16Down all day6:20 am4:29 pm8:41 am2:08 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.2°)94.481
17Down all day6:17 am4:33 pm8:36 am2:13 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-9.1°)94.476
18Down all day6:14 am4:36 pm8:31 am2:18 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-8.9°)94.471
19Down all day6:10 am4:40 pm8:26 am2:24 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-8.7°)94.465
20Down all day6:07 am4:43 pm8:21 am2:29 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-8.5°)94.459
21Down all day6:03 am4:47 pm8:16 am2:34 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-8.3°)94.453
22Down all day6:00 am4:51 pm8:11 am2:39 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-8.1°)94.446
23Down all day5:56 am4:55 pm8:06 am2:45 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-7.9°)94.439
24Down all day5:52 am4:59 pm8:01 am2:50 pmNot above -6°11:25 am (-7.7°)94.431
25Down all day5:48 am5:03 pm7:55 am2:55 pmNot above -6°11:25 am (-7.5°)94.424
26Down all day5:44 am5:07 pm7:50 am3:01 pmNot above -6°11:25 am (-7.3°)94.415
27Down all day5:40 am5:11 pm7:45 am3:06 pmNot above -6°11:25 am (-7.1°)94.406
28Down all day5:36 am5:16 pm7:39 am3:11 pmNot above -6°11:25 am (-6.8°)94.397
29Down all day5:31 am5:20 pm7:34 am3:17 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-6.6°)94.387
30Down all day5:27 am5:24 pm7:29 am3:22 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-6.4°)94.377
31Down all day5:22 am5:29 pm7:23 am3:28 pmNot above -6°11:24 am (-6.1°)94.366
* All times are local time for Belgrano II Base. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

Aphelion was on July 4, 2019 at 7:10 pm in Belgrano II Base. The Earth was farthest from the Sun at this time.

Belgrano II Base has polar nights in July.

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