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Troll Station, Antarctica — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, May 2024

Current Time: May 24, 2024 at 4:28:01 am
Sun Direction: 133° Southeast
Sun Altitude: -33.9°
Sun Distance: 94.132 million mi
Next Solstice: Jun 20, 2024 10:50 pm (Winter)
Sun: Down all day
Location of Troll StationLocation

2024 Sun Graph for Troll Station

May 2024 — Sun in Troll Station

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2024Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
MaySunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
111:16 am (36°)4:15 pm (324°)4:59:05−12:507:01 am8:30 pm8:19 am7:12 pm9:44 am5:48 pm1:46 pm (2.9°)93.669
211:23 am (34°)4:09 pm (326°)4:45:54−13:107:04 am8:26 pm8:23 am7:08 pm9:48 am5:43 pm1:46 pm (2.6°)93.693
311:29 am (33°)4:02 pm (328°)4:32:20−13:347:08 am8:23 pm8:26 am7:04 pm9:52 am5:39 pm1:46 pm (2.4°)93.717
411:36 am (31°)3:55 pm (329°)4:18:19−14:007:11 am8:19 pm8:30 am7:01 pm9:57 am5:34 pm1:46 pm (2.1°)93.740
511:43 am (29°)3:47 pm (331°)4:03:47−14:327:15 am8:16 pm8:33 am6:57 pm10:01 am5:30 pm1:46 pm (1.8°)93.764
611:51 am (27°)3:40 pm (333°)3:48:38−15:097:18 am8:12 pm8:37 am6:53 pm10:05 am5:25 pm1:46 pm (1.6°)93.786
711:59 am (25°)3:32 pm (335°)3:32:43−15:547:21 am8:09 pm8:40 am6:50 pm10:10 am5:21 pm1:46 pm (1.3°)93.809
812:07 pm (23°)3:23 pm (337°)3:15:52−16:507:25 am8:05 pm8:44 am6:46 pm10:14 am5:16 pm1:46 pm (1.1°)93.831
912:16 pm (21°)3:14 pm (339°)2:57:50−18:027:28 am8:02 pm8:47 am6:43 pm10:18 am5:12 pm1:46 pm (0.8°)93.852
1012:26 pm (19°)3:04 pm (341°)2:38:12−19:387:31 am7:59 pm8:51 am6:39 pm10:23 am5:08 pm1:46 pm (0.6°)93.874
1112:37 pm (16°)2:53 pm (344°)2:16:16−21:557:34 am7:56 pm8:54 am6:36 pm10:27 am5:03 pm1:46 pm (0.4°)93.895
1212:50 pm (13°)2:41 pm (347°)1:50:42−25:347:37 am7:53 pm8:58 am6:33 pm10:31 am4:59 pm1:46 pm (0.2°)93.915
131:06 pm (9°)2:24 pm (351°)1:17:59−32:427:40 am7:50 pm9:01 am6:29 pm10:36 am4:54 pm1:46 pm (-0.0°)93.935
141:41 pm (1°)1:49 pm (359°)7:32−1:10:277:43 am7:47 pm9:04 am6:26 pm10:40 am4:50 pm1:46 pm (-0.2°)93.955
15Down all day7:46 am7:44 pm9:07 am6:23 pm10:45 am4:46 pm1:46 pm (-0.4°)93.974
16Down all day7:49 am7:41 pm9:11 am6:20 pm10:49 am4:41 pm1:46 pm (-0.6°)93.994
17Down all day7:52 am7:38 pm9:14 am6:17 pm10:53 am4:37 pm1:46 pm (-0.8°)94.013
18Down all day7:55 am7:36 pm9:17 am6:14 pm10:58 am4:33 pm1:46 pm (-0.9°)94.031
19Down all day7:57 am7:33 pm9:20 am6:11 pm11:02 am4:29 pm1:46 pm (-1.1°)94.050
20Down all day8:00 am7:31 pm9:23 am6:08 pm11:07 am4:24 pm1:46 pm (-1.3°)94.068
21Down all day8:03 am7:28 pm9:26 am6:05 pm11:11 am4:20 pm1:46 pm (-1.4°)94.086
22Down all day8:05 am7:26 pm9:29 am6:02 pm11:15 am4:16 pm1:46 pm (-1.6°)94.103
23Down all day8:08 am7:24 pm9:32 am6:00 pm11:20 am4:12 pm1:46 pm (-1.8°)94.121
24Down all day8:10 am7:22 pm9:34 am5:57 pm11:24 am4:08 pm1:46 pm (-2.0°)94.138
25Down all day8:12 am7:19 pm9:37 am5:55 pm11:28 am4:04 pm1:46 pm (-2.3°)94.155
26Down all day8:15 am7:17 pm9:40 am5:52 pm11:33 am4:00 pm1:46 pm (-2.7°)94.172
27Down all day8:17 am7:15 pm9:42 am5:50 pm11:37 am3:56 pm1:47 pm (-3.0°)94.188
28Down all day8:19 am7:14 pm9:45 am5:48 pm11:41 am3:52 pm1:47 pm (-3.3°)94.205
29Down all day8:21 am7:12 pm9:47 am5:46 pm11:45 am3:48 pm1:47 pm (-3.6°)94.221
30Down all day8:23 am7:10 pm9:50 am5:44 pm11:50 am3:44 pm1:47 pm (-3.8°)94.236
31Down all day8:25 am7:08 pm9:52 am5:42 pm11:54 am3:40 pm1:47 pm (-4.0°)94.252
* All times are local time for Troll Station. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

Troll Station has polar nights in May.

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