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Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, February 2019


10:37 am – 1:47 pm
3 hours, 9 minutes

Current Time: Feb 18, 2019 at 3:42:06 pm

Sun Direction: 231° Southwest

Sun Altitude: -4.3°

Sun Distance: 91.868 million mi

Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2019 10:58 pm (Vernal)

Sunrise Today: 10:37 am 157° South

Sunset Today: 1:47 pm 203° Southwest

Location of LongyearbyenLocation

2019 Sun Graph for Longyearbyen

February 2019 — Sun in Longyearbyen

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2019Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
FebSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Down all day5:47 am6:37 pm7:49 am4:35 pm10:52 am1:31 pm12:10 pm (-5.3°)91.593
2Down all day5:42 am6:42 pm7:43 am4:41 pm10:36 am1:47 pm12:11 pm (-5.0°)91.606
3Down all day5:36 am6:48 pm7:37 am4:47 pm10:23 am2:01 pm12:11 pm (-4.8°)91.620
4Down all day5:31 am6:54 pm7:31 am4:54 pm10:11 am2:13 pm12:11 pm (-4.5°)91.634
5Down all day5:25 am7:00 pm7:24 am5:00 pm9:59 am2:25 pm12:11 pm (-4.1°)91.649
6Down all day5:19 am7:06 pm7:18 am5:06 pm9:48 am2:36 pm12:11 pm (-3.7°)91.663
7Down all day5:14 am7:12 pm7:12 am5:13 pm9:38 am2:46 pm12:11 pm (-3.2°)91.678
8Down all day5:07 am7:18 pm7:06 am5:19 pm9:28 am2:56 pm12:11 pm (-2.6°)91.694
9Down all day5:01 am7:25 pm7:00 am5:25 pm9:19 am3:06 pm12:11 pm (-2.0°)91.709
10Down all day4:55 am7:31 pm6:53 am5:32 pm9:10 am3:15 pm12:11 pm (-1.7°)91.725
11Down all day4:48 am7:38 pm6:47 am5:38 pm9:01 am3:24 pm12:11 pm (-1.4°)91.741
12Down all day4:42 am7:45 pm6:41 am5:45 pm8:52 am3:32 pm12:11 pm (-1.1°)91.758
13Down all day4:35 am7:52 pm6:34 am5:51 pm8:44 am3:41 pm12:11 pm (-0.8°)91.775
14Down all day4:28 am7:59 pm6:28 am5:58 pm8:35 am3:49 pm12:11 pm (-0.6°)91.792
15Down all day4:21 am8:06 pm6:21 am6:04 pm8:27 am3:57 pm12:11 pm (-0.3°)91.809
1611:22 am (168°)1:02 pm (192°)1:39:384:14 am8:14 pm6:14 am6:11 pm8:19 am4:06 pm12:11 pm (-0.0°)91.827
1710:56 am (162°)1:28 pm (199°)2:31:13+51:344:06 am8:21 pm6:08 am6:18 pm8:11 am4:13 pm12:11 pm (0.3°)91.846
1810:37 am (157°)1:47 pm (203°)3:09:47+38:343:58 am8:29 pm6:01 am6:24 pm8:03 am4:21 pm12:11 pm (0.6°)91.865
1910:21 am (153°)2:03 pm (207°)3:42:16+32:293:50 am8:37 pm5:54 am6:31 pm7:55 am4:29 pm12:11 pm (0.9°)91.884
2010:06 am (150°)2:17 pm (211°)4:11:01+28:443:42 am8:46 pm5:47 am6:38 pm7:48 am4:37 pm12:11 pm (1.2°)91.904
219:53 am (146°)2:30 pm (214°)4:37:13+26:113:33 am8:54 pm5:40 am6:45 pm7:40 am4:44 pm12:11 pm (1.5°)91.924
229:41 am (143°)2:42 pm (217°)5:01:32+24:183:24 am9:03 pm5:33 am6:52 pm7:32 am4:52 pm12:10 pm (1.9°)91.945
239:29 am (140°)2:54 pm (220°)5:24:23+22:513:15 am9:13 pm5:26 am6:59 pm7:25 am4:59 pm12:10 pm (2.2°)91.966
249:18 am (138°)3:05 pm (223°)5:46:04+21:413:05 am9:23 pm5:19 am7:06 pm7:17 am5:06 pm12:10 pm (2.6°)91.988
259:08 am (135°)3:15 pm (225°)6:06:49+20:442:55 am9:34 pm5:11 am7:13 pm7:10 am5:14 pm12:10 pm (2.9°)92.010
268:58 am (133°)3:25 pm (228°)6:26:45+19:562:44 am9:45 pm5:04 am7:20 pm7:02 am5:21 pm12:10 pm (3.3°)92.032
278:48 am (130°)3:34 pm (230°)6:46:02+19:162:32 am9:57 pm4:56 am7:28 pm6:55 am5:28 pm12:10 pm (3.6°)92.054
288:39 am (128°)3:43 pm (233°)7:04:44+18:422:20 am10:11 pm4:49 am7:35 pm6:47 am5:35 pm12:10 pm (4.0°)92.077
* All times are local time for Longyearbyen. They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today is highlighted.

Longyearbyen has polar nights in February.

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