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Flag for Norway Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, May 2017


12:00 am – 11:59 pm
24 hours

Current Time: Apr 25, 2017 at 2:48:35 pm

Sun Direction: 210° Southwest

Sun Altitude: 23.7°

Sun Distance: 93.526 million mi

Next Solstice: Jun 21, 2017 6:24 am (Summer)

Sun: Up all day

Location of LongyearbyenLocation

May 2017 — Sun in Longyearbyen

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2017Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
MaySunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Up all day---12:54 pm (27.0°)93.667
2Up all day---12:54 pm (27.3°)93.690
3Up all day---12:54 pm (27.6°)93.713
4Up all day---12:54 pm (27.9°)93.735
5Up all day---12:54 pm (28.2°)93.757
6Up all day---12:54 pm (28.5°)93.779
7Up all day---12:53 pm (28.7°)93.801
8Up all day---12:53 pm (29.0°)93.823
9Up all day---12:53 pm (29.3°)93.844
10Up all day---12:53 pm (29.5°)93.866
11Up all day---12:53 pm (29.8°)93.887
12Up all day---12:53 pm (30.0°)93.908
13Up all day---12:53 pm (30.3°)93.929
14Up all day---12:53 pm (30.5°)93.950
15Up all day---12:53 pm (30.8°)93.970
16Up all day---12:53 pm (31.0°)93.991
17Up all day---12:53 pm (31.2°)94.011
18Up all day---12:53 pm (31.4°)94.030
19Up all day---12:53 pm (31.7°)94.050
20Up all day---12:53 pm (31.9°)94.069
21Up all day---12:54 pm (32.1°)94.088
22Up all day---12:54 pm (32.3°)94.106
23Up all day---12:54 pm (32.5°)94.124
24Up all day---12:54 pm (32.6°)94.142
25Up all day---12:54 pm (32.8°)94.159
26Up all day---12:54 pm (33.0°)94.175
27Up all day---12:54 pm (33.2°)94.191
28Up all day---12:54 pm (33.3°)94.207
29Up all day---12:54 pm (33.5°)94.222
30Up all day---12:55 pm (33.6°)94.236
31Up all day---12:55 pm (33.8°)94.251
* All times are local time for Longyearbyen. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Longyearbyen has midnight sun in May.

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