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Current Local Times

India, Uttar Pradesh, BadaunSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, DewasSat 9:26 pm
India, West Bengal, HowrahSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, DharSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, ChhapraSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, GunaSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, Jetpur NavagadhSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, HardaSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, HubballiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, IndoreSat 9:26 pm
India, Maharashtra, GondiaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, JhabuaSat 9:26 pm
India, Uttar Pradesh, BagpatSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, KatniSat 9:26 pm
India, West Bengal, MaldaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, MandlaSat 9:26 pm
British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego GarciaSat 9:56 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, MorenaSat 9:26 pm
India, Assam, SibsagarSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, PannaSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, SasaramSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, RatlamSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, MahesanaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, RewaSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, Ranasan TownSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, SagarSat 9:26 pm
India, Himachal Pradesh, DharamshalaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, SatnaSat 9:26 pm
India, Jammu and Kashmir, ShopianSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, SehoreSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, DavangereSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, SeoniSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, KundapurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, SidhiSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, NarasimharajapurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Madhya Pradesh, UjjainSat 9:26 pm
India, Maharashtra, BuldhanaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, AshtaSat 9:26 pm
India, Odisha, BerhampurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, BeedSat 9:26 pm
India, Odisha, BhubaneshwarSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, DhuleSat 9:26 pm
India, Pondicherry, PuducherrySat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, JalnaSat 9:26 pm
India, Punjab, Tarn Taran SahibSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, KarjatSat 9:26 pm
India, Tamil Nadu, Gudalur (Theni)Sat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, LaturSat 9:26 pm
India, Tamil Nadu, OotacamundSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, LonarSat 9:26 pm
India, Tamil Nadu, ThiruvannaamalaiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, MehkarSat 9:26 pm
India, Tamil Nadu, TiruchirappalliSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, MumbaiSat 9:26 pm
India, Uttar Pradesh, Akbarpur (Ambedkar Nagar)Sat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, NãgpurSat 9:26 pm
India, Uttar Pradesh, ChitrakutaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, NandedSat 9:26 pm
India, Uttar Pradesh, NaugarhSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, NashikSat 9:26 pm
India, Uttar Pradesh, PrayagrajSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, PanvelSat 9:26 pm
India, West Bengal, BerhamporeSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, PuneSat 9:26 pm
India, West Bengal, KolkataSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, SakriSat 9:26 pm
USA, Indiana, Indianapolis *Sat 11:56 amIndia, Maharashtra, SangliSat 9:26 pm
Colombia, CartagenaSat 10:56 amIndia, Maharashtra, SataraSat 9:26 pm
India, Andhra Pradesh, EluruSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, ShirdiSat 9:26 pm
India, Andhra Pradesh, GudurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, ThaneSat 9:26 pm
India, Andhra Pradesh, GunturSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, WardhaSat 9:26 pm
India, Andhra Pradesh, KadapaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Maharashtra, WashimSat 9:26 pm
India, Assam, DhubriSat 9:26 pmIndia, Manipur, ImphalSat 9:26 pm
India, Assam, DispurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Manipur, UkhrulSat 9:26 pm
India, Assam, JorhatSat 9:26 pmIndia, Nagaland, KohimaSat 9:26 pm
India, Assam, NagaonSat 9:26 pmIndia, Odisha, AngulSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, ArariaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Odisha, BoudhSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, ArrahSat 9:26 pmIndia, Odisha, PuriSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, BankaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, BaretaSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, BhabuaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, KhannaSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, BuxarSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, MansaSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, GayaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, MogaSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, JamuiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, MohaliSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, MungerSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, NangalSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, NawadaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Punjab, QadianSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, PatnaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, AsindSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, PurniaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, BaranSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, SiwanSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, BarmerSat 9:26 pm
India, Bihar, SupaulSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, BundiSat 9:26 pm
India, Chhattisgarh, BhilaiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, ChuruSat 9:26 pm
India, Chhattisgarh, RaipurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, DausaSat 9:26 pm
India, Daman and Diu, DamanSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, JaipurSat 9:26 pm
India, Delhi, DelhiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, JaloreSat 9:26 pm
India, Goa, MargaoSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, KotaSat 9:26 pm
India, Goa, PanajiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, NagaurSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, AnandSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, NoharSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, BhujSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, PaliSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, DwarkaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, SikarSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, GodhraSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, SirohiSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, GondalSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, SunelSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, KeshodSat 9:26 pmIndia, Rajasthan, TonkSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, NadiadSat 9:26 pmIndia, Tamil Nadu, ErodeSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, RajkotSat 9:26 pmIndia, Tamil Nadu, KarurSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, SuratSat 9:26 pmIndia, Tamil Nadu, SalemSat 9:26 pm
India, Gujarat, ValsadSat 9:26 pmIndia, Tamil Nadu, TheniSat 9:26 pm
India, Haryana, HissarSat 9:26 pmIndia, Telangana, MedakSat 9:26 pm
India, Haryana, KarnalSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, BalliaSat 9:26 pm
India, Haryana, SirsaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, BandaSat 9:26 pm
India, Himachal Pradesh, ManaliSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, BastiSat 9:26 pm
India, Himachal Pradesh, MandiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, BhingaSat 9:26 pm
India, Himachal Pradesh, NahanSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, BijnorSat 9:26 pm
India, Himachal Pradesh, ShimlaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, DeoriaSat 9:26 pm
India, Jammu and Kashmir, JammuSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, EtahSat 9:26 pm
India, Jammu and Kashmir, KathuaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, EtawahSat 9:26 pm
India, Jammu and Kashmir, KatraSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, GondaSat 9:26 pm
India, Jammu and Kashmir, SoporeSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, HardoiSat 9:26 pm
India, Jharkhand, GumlaSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, JhansiSat 9:26 pm
India, Jharkhand, RanchiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, KãnpurSat 9:26 pm
India, Jharkhand, SindriSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, MahobaSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, HassanSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, MauSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, HaveriSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, MeerutSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, KadurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, New Okhla Industrial Development AuthoritySat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, MysuruSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, OraiSat 9:26 pm
India, Karnataka, UdupiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, RampurSat 9:26 pm
India, Kerala, KannurSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttar Pradesh, UnnaoSat 9:26 pm
India, Kerala, KochiSat 9:26 pmIndia, Uttarakhand, TehriSat 9:26 pm
India, Kerala, KollamSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, ContaiSat 9:26 pm
India, Ladakh, LehSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, DomkalSat 9:26 pm
India, Madhya Pradesh, BetulSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, Hugli-ChinsurahSat 9:26 pm
India, Madhya Pradesh, BhindSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, KultiSat 9:26 pm
India, Madhya Pradesh, BhopalSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, RishraSat 9:26 pm
India, Madhya Pradesh, DamohSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, SuriSat 9:26 pm
India, Madhya Pradesh, DatiaSat 9:26 pmIndia, West Bengal, TamlukSat 9:26 pm

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (1 place).

Sat = Saturday, May 30, 2020 (200 places).

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