About the Personal World Clock

Create a Personal World Clock to see the current local times in up to 50 cities on one page.

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Tell time all around the world.

Tell time all around the world with the Personal World Clock.

How to Use the Personal World Clock

Adding a city

Click on the green plus (+) icon on the right-hand side. Enter the name of the city you wish to add, then click “Save”.

Deleting a city

Click on the blue pen icon on the right-hand side. Then click on the red cross (x) for the city you wish to remove.

Changing the layout

Click on “Clocks”, “Compact” or “Table” above the clock.

Showing or hiding items

Click on the blue gear wheel icon on the right-hand side. In the list, select the items you wish to see for each city.

Changing the order of cities

Click on the blue pen icon on the right-hand side. A symbol depicting four arrows pointing outwards appears above each city. Hold the symbol, then drag and drop the city to a different place.

Using the auto-sort options

The cities in your Personal World Clock can be automatically ordered alphabetically or by current local time. Click on the links in the top-right corner to select one of the following methods:

  • City – alphabetically by city name
  • Country – alphabetically by country name
  • Time – by current local time

Entering a different name for a city

Click on the blue pen icon on the right-hand side, then on the grey pen symbol next to the city you wish to rename. Enter a name into the text field and press Enter.

Best With Free User Account

You can create a Personal World Clock any time, but if you want to save it, we recommend that you log in to a free user account. Not only will this give you access to additional functions, it will also save your settings on timeanddate.com's servers, so you can use them from any computer, phone or tablet.

Clock Accuracy

If you have an up-to-date browser with JavaScript enabled, the clocks will update automatically. Clock times are synchronized with the server, not your system clock. In most cases, the clocks will be within one second of the correct time, but in rare cases the difference may be a little more.

If your local system clock is altered in any way, the Personal World Clock will be altered by the same amount. In that case, please refresh/reload the page in your web browser to re-synchronize the clocks.

Problem: Wrong Cities

The Personal World Clock shows the wrong time or wrong cities: Press the Reload/Refresh button in your browser. If that does not help, try doing the same while holding the shift key down.

Problem: Cities Not Saved

No cities are saved: Your Personal World Clock might be working for weeks, months or years, and then suddenly the settings disappear. If you are not registered, your settings are not stored on the timeanddate.com site, but in a file (cookie) on your computer. If the cookies for timeanddate.com are somehow deleted, your Personal World Clock settings will be lost and you will need to reconfigure the clock.

To prevent this from happening, please change your cookie settings or create a free user account.

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