Use the Personal World Clock to set up a world clock with your personal selection of cities.

How to Use the Personal World Clock

  1. Open the Personal World Clock.
  2. Add cities by clicking on Add City or the green plus symbol on the right, entering the city name into the search field, selecting it from the list of suggested locations, and clicking Save.

Removing a city

Remove cities by clicking on the blue pen symbol, then on the X that appears next to the city.

Changing the order of the cities

Change the order of cities by clicking on the blue pen symbol. You can then drag any city to a new location on the page via the gray symbol showing four outward-pointing arrows.

Alternatively, you can use the Re-order By links. Click on City or Country to order alphabetically by city or country name; use Time to order from earliest to latest current time. Select Reverse to switch between ascending and descending order.

Selecting a layout

Select one of three available looks by clicking on the Clocks, Compact, or Table buttons at the top of the display.

Adding an alternative place name

Enter a name of your choice for any city, for example, the name of a person you know there. First, select the Clocks View tab, then click the blue pen symbol. Click on the blue text Add custom title, write your chosen name and press Enter.

Sharing your Personal World Clock

Share your Personal World Clock by clicking on Share This Personal World Clock, copying the web address that is shown, and sharing that link.

Other customization options

Click on the red gear wheel symbol for more options.

FAQ: Troubleshooting

Why isn't my town included?

This service includes all 5000+ locations in our database. Some of our services also include millions of additional locations provided by the GeoNames database. However, these GeoNames locations cannot be selected in this service yet.

The time has the wrong format. How do I change between the 24-hour and AM/PM clock?

Our system supports both 24-hour and 12-hour (am/pm) clock formats. To change the format, please go to My Units and make a selection in the Time Format drop-down, and click Save Settings.

Why does it show the wrong time?

If you think the clock shows the wrong time, click on the Reload/Refresh button in your browser. If that does not help, try doing the same while holding the shift key down.

Still no luck? Please let us know.

The clock is suddenly empty! Where are my cities?

Your Personal World Clock might be working for weeks, months, or years, and then suddenly the cities disappear. If you are not registered, your settings are not stored on the site, but in a file (cookie) on your computer. If the cookies for are somehow deleted, your Personal World Clock settings will be lost and you will need to reconfigure the clock.

To prevent this from happening, please change your cookie settings or create a free user account.

Why isn't the date displayed?

While the Personal World Clock does not show the date for each location, it does show the day of the week. Since all of the world's time zones span a maximum of three different dates at any one time, we have chosen this option to save space while providing an indication of the date differences between the selected locations.

FAQ: General Info & Instructions

Can I embed the clock on a website or put it on my desktop?

No, but you can create a unique link to it by clicking on Share This Personal World Clock. You can then use the web address (URL) that pops up to create a shortcut to the clock and place it on your desktop, bookmark it in your browser, or share it with others.

If you would like to embed a clock on your website or blog, you can use our Free Clocks for Your Website.

Does the clock take into account Daylight Savings?

Yes, all DST changes worldwide are automatically taken into account in real-time.

Is it possible to show UTC?

Yes, you can add UTC or any UTC offset, such as UTC-1 or UTC+12, as a “location” to the Personal World Clock by clicking on Add City or the green plus symbol on the right, entering UTC into the search field, selecting UTC or a UTC offset from the list of suggestions, and clicking Save.

Wouldn't it be cool to show day and night in the clocks?

It would, and it is! To enable that option, click on the red gear wheel symbol on the right and tick the Show Day/Night On Analog Clocks box. Please note that this option is only available for analog clocks, so click on the Clocks button at the top of the clock to see the day and night display.

How many clocks can I have?

You can have up to 50 clocks displayed on your Personal World Clock.

What does the Reverse button do?

Using the sorting links in the top-right corner, you can sort the cities in your Personal World Clock by city name, country name, or by current local time. The Reverse button shifts the order you selected from ascending to descending.

Is it possible to show the weather for each location?

Sorry, this is not possible yet.

Where can I find more information about the site and its services?

The General FAQ Page answers your questions about, our services, site-wide settings, customization options, advertising opportunities, and copyright policies.

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