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Planets Visible in the Night Sky in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada

Night Time

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Visible night of Jul 9 – Jul 10, 2020

Venus: Perfect visibility

Mars: ↓ Thu 12:40 pm ↑ Fri 12:31 am

Uranus: ↓ Thu 7:50 pm ↑ Thu 9:23 pm

Neptune: ↑ Fri 12:32 am ↓ Fri 10:31 am

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Tonight's Sky in Resolute Bay, Jul 9 – Jul 10, 2020 (2 planets visible)

Venus rise and set in Resolute Bay

Up all night.

Venus is up all of the polar night. Venus is visible by day, but may be hard to find.

Jul 9, 2020
Jul 10, 2020



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Mars rise and set in Resolute Bay

Up some of the night.

Mars is visible for a short time during the polar night.

Thu, Jul 9 ↓12:40 pm
Fri, Jul 10 ↑12:31 am

Jul 9, 2020
Jul 10, 2020



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Planets Visible in Resolute Bay

 Planetrise/Planetset, Fri, Jul 10, 2020
MercuryDown all dayThu 12:31 pmNot visible
VenusUp all dayThu 10:38 amPerfect visibility
MarsFri 12:31 amFri 12:41 pmFri 6:35 amSlightly difficult to see
JupiterDown all dayThu 1:48 amDown all night, not visible
SaturnDown all dayThu 2:15 amDown all night, not visible
UranusThu 9:23 pmFri 7:47 pmFri 8:35 amNot visible
NeptuneFri 12:32 amFri 10:31 amFri 5:32 amNot visible