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Sporting Events

Days when specific competitive sports events are held are listed as Sporting Events on our site. While popular in the region or country they are held in, these dates are not usually public holidays.

Aerial view of Raymond James Stadium Tampa Florida, home of NFL Super Bowl LV.


Sporting events can be annual, such as the Super Bowl in the United States; or they can be held at specific intervals of time, like the Olympics, which are held every 4 years. Sporting events can be single-sport or multi-sport events. The Olympics is a multi-sport event.

At timeanddate.com, we add sporting events to calendars and holiday lists if they enjoy a popular global or national following.

Are Sporting Events Public Holidays?

Usually, no. Most sporting events are held on weekends when people are already off from work.

In some places, however, the day of the event might be declared a public holiday. For example, the Kentucky Oaks in Louisville, Kentucky, is always held on a Friday. Many businesses and schools in the region close down to celebrate the event.