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World Holidays

At timeanddate.com, we use the term world holidays for special days observed around the world.

Earth Hour on the last Saturday of March is a worldwide observance.

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They are also often known as international holidays or international observances.

Most of these days are not public holidays, though some businesses and private enterprises may be closed to observe them. Schools and educational institutions may also set aside time to celebrate or observe the occasion.

At timenddate.com, we list world holidays separate from United Nations Observations and feature world holidays that are popularly observed worldwide.

Issues That Affect Lives

World or international holidays and observances are usually created by global non-governmental organizations or by groups of countries. These days tend to address important issues that affect the lives of peoples and societies across borders. They are one of the many tools the global community uses to create awareness, fundraise, and collaborate to address global problems.

Some international days, such as International Programmers’ Day and International Nurses Day, honor the contributions specific professions make to the global society.