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Arbor Day 2024 in the United States

Is Arbor Day a Public Holiday?

This is not a public holiday. Government and public offices, businesses, and schools are not closed on this day but may hold special events and outreach programs to commemorate the annual observance.

Arbor Day Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday TypeArea
2019FriApr 19Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2019FriApr 26Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2019MonApr 29Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2020FriApr 17Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2020FriApr 24Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2020MonApr 27Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2021FriApr 16Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2021MonApr 26Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2021FriApr 30Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2022FriApr 15Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2022MonApr 25Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2022FriApr 29Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2023FriApr 21Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2023MonApr 24Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2023FriApr 28Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2024FriApr 19Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2024FriApr 26Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2024MonApr 29Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2025FriApr 18Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2025FriApr 25Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2025MonApr 28Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2026FriApr 17Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2026FriApr 24Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2026MonApr 27Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2027FriApr 16Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2027MonApr 26Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2027FriApr 30Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2028FriApr 21Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2028MonApr 24Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming
2028FriApr 28Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2029FriApr 20Arbor DayState ObservanceColorado
2029FriApr 27Arbor DayState ObservanceDelaware
2029MonApr 30Arbor DayState ObservanceWyoming

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