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Apr29 Fun Holiday – Zipper Day

On April 29, celebrate the zipper it because it is Zipper Day.

Close-up of a zipper on green fleece.

The zipper makes our daily life simpler.


We all tend to take for granted most things around us. The humble zipper that is holding up your pants, skirt, or dress right now is one of those things.

Swedish-American Invention

This unofficial holiday commemorates the day in 1913 when Swedish-American engineer, Gideon Sundback received the patent for the modern-day zipper.

Before Sundback came up with his tool, there were many versions of this wondrous device, without which, being fashionable today may have just been a bit harder.

World's Fair Debut

One of the first recorded versions of the zipper came in 1851 from Elias Howe - an American inventor who is often credited as a developer of the technology for sewing machines. In the late 19th century, Whitcomb Judson invented a clasp locker which made its debut at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. This invention did not catch on as well as Judson had hoped for but it did earn him the title of the Inventor of the Zipper.

How to Celebrate?

  • It is such a simple thing, but a zipper makes our lives so much easier. Spend the day contemplating on other similar objects that are simple, but vital to our day to day lives.

Did You Know...

...that Japanese manufacturer YKK Group accounts for 45% of the world's zippers?

Zipper Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Zipper Day Observances
2024MonApr 29Zipper Day
2025TueApr 29Zipper Day
2026WedApr 29Zipper Day
2027ThuApr 29Zipper Day
2028SatApr 29Zipper Day
2029SunApr 29Zipper Day
2030MonApr 29Zipper Day
2031TueApr 29Zipper Day
2032ThuApr 29Zipper Day
2033FriApr 29Zipper Day

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