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National Defense Transportation Day in the United States

National Defense Transportation Day, which occurs annually on the third Friday of May, remembers the contributions of people working in the United States' transport industry. It is part of National Transportation Week.

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National Defense Transportation Day recognizes those who work in the transport industry and who contribute to the nation's wellbeing and defense.
National Defense Transportation Day recognizes those who work in the transport industry and who contribute to the nation's wellbeing and defense.

What Do People Do?

National Defense Transportation Day recognizes the men and women who work in the transportation industry and who contribute to the nation’s well-being and defense. The day falls within National Transportation Week (May 11-17), which hosts a wide range of activities including: poster contests for schools; educational expos on transport; and programs with guest speakers.

Public Life

National Defense Transportation Day is an observance and is not a public holiday in the United States.


On May 16, 1957, Congress approved for the third Friday of May each year to be designated as National Defense Transportation Day. In 1962 Congress updated their request to include the whole week within which the Friday falls as National Transportation Week.

The President is requested to issue each year a proclamation to: designate the third Friday in May as National Defense Transportation Day; and urge people to observe the day by appropriate ceremonies that recognize the importance of the country’s transportation system and the maintenance of its facilities to serve the needs of the United States in times of peace and in national defense.

National Defense Transportation Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
FriMay 212010National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 202011National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 182012National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 172013National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 162014National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 152015National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 202016National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 192017National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 182018National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 172019National Defense Transportation DayObservance 
FriMay 152020National Defense Transportation DayObservance 

Quick Facts

National Defense Transportation Day occurs annually in the United States on the third Friday of May.

National Defense Transportation Day 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

National Defense Transportation Day 2019

Friday, May 17, 2019


Name in other languages

National Defense Transportation DayEnglish
Día de la Defensa Nacional de TransporteSpanish
יום התחבורה הביטחון הלאומיHebrew
يوم النقل الدفاع الوطنيArabic
국방 교통의 날Korean
Nasjonal forsvarstransports dagNorwegian

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