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May17 Fun Holiday – Pizza Party Day

Mark our words, the third Friday of May will soon become your favorite holiday of the year. Why, you ask? Because it is Pizza Party Day!

Get together with friends and enjoy some pizza.


It is an unofficial holiday that celebrates the delicious, doughy pie traditionally topped with tomato sauce, cheese, herbs, vegetables, and meat, then baked until cooked.

People Pleasing Dish

Thought to have originated in Italy, pizza today has become a popular dish served in restaurants and homes around the world. It is often considered by many as the perfect party dish – a single pie can feed a lot of people, it can be easily made at home or ordered from a restaurant, eating it does not require utensils or fancy dishware, and most importantly it is delicious even when consumed cold.

How to Celebrate?

  • By hosting a pizza party, of course! Order in pies from your favorite pizza place or make your own. Start off by serving bite size pizzas as appetizers. Offer a variety of pizzas next. May we suggest a selection of cheese pizza, an Indian-inspired pizza made with a naan base topped with curried chicken, and a salad pizza topped with fresh vegetables and arugula? And of course, end the meal with a dessert pizza.
  • Why not have your guests make their own pizzas? Provide the bases and ingredients and let them unleash their creativity on their pie. Who knows, they may end up creating your new favorite pizza?

Did You Know...

…that the month of October is celebrated as National Pizza Month in the United States?

Pizza Party Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Pizza Party Day Observances
2024FriMay 17Pizza Party Day
2025FriMay 16Pizza Party Day
2026FriMay 15Pizza Party Day
2027FriMay 21Pizza Party Day
2028FriMay 19Pizza Party Day
2029FriMay 18Pizza Party Day
2030FriMay 17Pizza Party Day
2031FriMay 16Pizza Party Day
2032FriMay 21Pizza Party Day
2033FriMay 20Pizza Party Day

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