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New Time Zone in Fort Nelson


Published 21-Sep-2015

Residents of Fort Nelson in British Columbia will not set their clocks back this year as DST ends in most of Canada.

Recreational Vehicle on empty road of Alaska Highway Alcan in boreal forest taiga landscape south of Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Residents of Fort Nelson can now drive across the border without setting their clocks.

Residents of Fort Nelson can now drive across the border without setting their clocks.


Fort Nelson is using Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year instead.

No Clock Change

At the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) the residents of Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality in B.C., Canada, usually turn their clocks back to Pacific Standard Time (PST).

However, this November 1, 2015, the clocks will not be turned back, changing the time zone permanently to MST.

Same Time as Neighbors

Fort Nelson will use the same time zone as Fort St. John and Dawson Creek in neighboring Peace River Regional District.

Like their neighbors in Peace River, the Northern Rockies will observe MST all year round, making last spring's time change the last.

Voted for Change

75% of the residents of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality voted for the time zone change in a local opinion poll in November 2014.

With the new time zone, residents of the Northern Rockies can cross the southern border without having to set the time. Business hours will also match up with the hours in Peace River.

Time in British Columbia

British Columbia has four time zones:

  1. Pacific Standard Time (PST): Most of B.C. use this time zone, including Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler.
  2. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): The name of the time zone when DST is in use. This includes all locations using PST in B.C.
  3. Mountain Standard Time (MST): Creston, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek use MST all year.
  4. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT): Cranbrook, Golden and Invermere use MDT during DST.

Current time in
Fort Nelson


Thursday, July 19, 2018

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