Daylight Saving Time Statistics

Statistical and historical overview of Daylight Saving Time (DST), including use per continent, number of countries using DST, and a list of past and present DST use worldwide.

World Map showing DST usage over time

Who has been using DST and not?

Areas that are using or have used DST some time this year
Areas that have used DST in the past, but no longer
Areas that have never used DST

During DST clocks are normally set forward one hour from standard time during the summer months and back again in the fall to make better use of natural daylight.

DST per Continent

Less than 40% of the countries in the world use DST today. Since daylength variations are negligible around the equator, most tropical territories do not change their clocks.

Continent *DST in 2017No Longer Using DSTNever Used DST
Africa3 countries15 countries38 countries
Asia7 countries25 countries19 countries
Australia & Pacific5 countries3 countries11 countries
Europe49 countries5 countries1 country
North America7 countries12 countries19 countries
South America3 countries5 countries7 countries
* Countries that belong to 2 continents are counted in both continents.

Number of Countries Using DST

DST is controversial. More than 140 countries have used it at some point, but about half of them have since abolished it again.

DST ObservanceCountExample
Countries that have used DST at least once141USA
Countries using DST in 201776USA
Countries no longer using DST65India
Countries that have never used DST108Indonesia
Most years with DST105Canada
Least years with DST1Bangladesh

Countries Using DST the Last 10 Years

YearCountries Using DSTCountries Starting *Countries Ending **
201776HaitiTurkey, Mongolia
201677TongaUruguay, Azerbaijan, Haiti and 1 more
201580MongoliaEgypt, Georgia
201180NoneRussia, Egypt, Belarus and 1 more
201084SamoaPakistan, Argentina, Bangladesh and 1 more
200987Bangladesh, FijiTunisia
200886Pakistan, Iran, Morocco and 2 moreIraq
* Countries that are using DST this year, but not the year before. DST can have been used in earlier years.
** Countries that are not using DST this year, but did the year before.

DST Use Worldwide—Past and Present

DST has been in use over 100 years, but most countries that have used DST have not used it all that time. Find out about your country in the table below.

CountryFirst Year With DSTLast Year With DSTTotal Years With DST
AfghanistanNever used0
Åland Islands1942Still used in 201738
Albania1940Still used in 201748
American SamoaNever used0
Andorra1985Still used in 201733
AngolaNever used0
AnguillaNever used0
Antarctica1930Still used in 201784
Antigua and BarbudaNever used0
ArubaNever used0
Australia1916Still used in 201756
Austria1916Still used in 201751
BahrainNever used0
Belgium1916Still used in 201772
BeninNever used0
Bermuda1974Still used in 201744
BhutanNever used0
Bosnia-Herzegovina1941Still used in 201740
Brazil1931Still used in 201747
British Indian Ocean TerritoryNever used0
British Virgin IslandsNever used0
BruneiNever used0
Bulgaria1943Still used in 201741
Burkina FasoNever used0
BurundiNever used0
Cabo Verde194219454
CambodiaNever used0
CameroonNever used0
Canada1908Still used in 2017105
Caribbean NetherlandsNever used0
Cayman IslandsNever used0
Central African RepublicNever used0
Chile1927Still used in 201757
Christmas IslandNever used0
Clipperton IslandNever used0
Cocos IslandsNever used0
ComorosNever used0
CongoNever used0
Congo Dem. Rep.Never used0
Cook Islands1978199114
Costa Rica195419925
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)Never used0
Croatia1941Still used in 201740
Cuba1928Still used in 201759
CuraçaoNever used0
Cyprus1975Still used in 201743
Czech Republic1916Still used in 201752
Denmark1916Still used in 201748
DjiboutiNever used0
DominicaNever used0
Dominican Republic196619748
Timor-LesteNever used0
EcuadorNever used0
El Salvador198719882
Equatorial GuineaNever used0
EritreaNever used0
Estonia1918Still used in 201740
EthiopiaNever used0
Falkland Islands1937201034
Faroe Islands1981Still used in 201737
Fiji1998Still used in 201712
Finland1942Still used in 201738
France1916Still used in 201772
French GuianaNever used0
French PolynesiaNever used0
French Southern TerritoriesNever used0
GabonNever used0
GambiaNever used0
Germany1916Still used in 201751
Gibraltar1916Still used in 201777
Greece1932Still used in 201748
Greenland1980Still used in 201738
GrenadaNever used0
GuadeloupeNever used0
GuamNever used0
Guernsey1916Still used in 201799
GuineaNever used0
Guinea-BissauNever used0
GuyanaNever used0
Haiti1983Still used in 201722
Vatican City State1916Still used in 201766
Hong Kong1941197933
Hungary1916Still used in 201756
IndonesiaNever used0
Iran1978Still used in 201728
Ireland1916Still used in 201799
Isle of Man1916Still used in 201799
Israel1940Still used in 201752
Italy1916Still used in 201766
Jersey1916Still used in 201799
Jordan1973Still used in 201739
KenyaNever used0
KiribatiNever used0
Kosovo1941Still used in 201740
KuwaitNever used0
LaosNever used0
Latvia1918Still used in 201742
Lebanon1920Still used in 201750
LiberiaNever used0
Liechtenstein1941Still used in 201739
Lithuania1941Still used in 201738
Luxembourg1916Still used in 201772
Macedonia, Republic of1941Still used in 201740
MalawiNever used0
MaldivesNever used0
MaliNever used0
Malta1916Still used in 201766
Marshall IslandsNever used0
MauritaniaNever used0
MayotteNever used0
Mexico1931Still used in 201760
MicronesiaNever used0
Moldova1932Still used in 201749
Monaco1916Still used in 201772
Montenegro1941Still used in 201740
MontserratNever used0
Morocco1939Still used in 201723
MozambiqueNever used0
MyanmarNever used0
Namibia1942Still used in 201726
NauruNever used0
NepalNever used0
Netherlands1916Still used in 201771
New Caledonia197719975
New Zealand1927Still used in 201764
NigerNever used0
NigeriaNever used0
NiueNever used0
Norfolk Island197419752
North KoreaNever used0
Northern Mariana IslandsNever used0
Norway1916Still used in 201752
OmanNever used0
PalauNever used0
Palestinian Territories1940Still used in 201753
PanamaNever used0
Papua New GuineaNever used0
Paraguay1975Still used in 201743
Pitcairn IslandsNever used0
Poland1916Still used in 201763
Portugal1916Still used in 201785
Puerto Rico194219454
QatarNever used0
Réunion (French)Never used0
Romania1932Still used in 201747
RwandaNever used0
Saint HelenaNever used0
Saint Kitts and NevisNever used0
Saint LuciaNever used0
Saint MartinNever used0
Saint Pierre and Miquelon1987Still used in 201731
Saint Vincent and GrenadinesNever used0
Samoa2010Still used in 20178
San Marino1916Still used in 201766
Sao Tome and PrincipeNever used0
Saudi ArabiaNever used0
SenegalNever used0
Serbia1941Still used in 201740
SeychellesNever used0
Sierra Leone1935196214
Sint MaartenNever used0
Slovakia1916Still used in 201752
Slovenia1941Still used in 201740
Solomon IslandsNever used0
SomaliaNever used0
South Africa194219443
South Georgia/Sandwich Is.Never used0
South Korea1948198812
South Sudan1970198516
Spain1917Still used in 201764
Sri Lanka194219454
Saint BarthélemyNever used0
SurinameNever used0
Svalbard and Jan MayenNever used0
SwazilandNever used0
Sweden1916Still used in 201739
Switzerland1941Still used in 201739
Syria1920Still used in 201755
TanzaniaNever used0
ThailandNever used0
Bahamas1964Still used in 201754
TogoNever used0
TokelauNever used0
Tonga1999Still used in 20176
Trinidad and TobagoNever used0
Turks and Caicos Islands1979201537
TuvaluNever used0
UgandaNever used0
Ukraine1940Still used in 201742
United Arab EmiratesNever used0
United Kingdom1916Still used in 201799
USA1918Still used in 2017100
US Minor Outlying Islands194219565
US Virgin IslandsNever used0
VenezuelaNever used0
VietnamNever used0
Wallis and FutunaNever used0
Western Sahara1976Still used in 201713
YemenNever used0
ZambiaNever used0
ZimbabweNever used0

DST in Washington DC, USA

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Daylight Saving Time – DST

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Time Zones & DST

Daylight Saving Time Changes:

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