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Half Hour and 45-Minute Time Zones

While most time zones differ from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by a number of full hours, there are also a few time zones with both 30-minute and 45-minute offsets.

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Green and yellow areas have offsets of 30 or 45 minutes.

30min, 45min Time Zone Offsets

The local time in a time zone is defined by its difference from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the world's time standard.

Not Only Whole Hours

A country in the UTC+3 time zone is 3 hours ahead of UTC; in the UTC-8 time zone, clocks are 8 hours behind UTC.

However, some countries and territories use uneven UTC offsets that differ by 30 or 45 minutes from the usual one-hour time zone interval.

Daylight Saving Time

Regions that use Daylight Saving Time (DST) change the time zone during the DST period. The words "daylight" or "summer" are then usually included in the time zone name.

The areas that don't use DST, remain on their standard time zone all year.

India: UTC +5:30

Australian States:

Australia has multiple time zones. Some of them are half-hour and quarter-hour time zones. Not all states and territories use DST.

Northern Territory: UTC +9:30

Eucla: UTC +8:45

South Australia: UTC +9:30 / +10:30

Broken Hill: UTC +9:30 / +10:30

Lord Howe Island: UTC +10:30 / +11:00

Cocos (Keeling) Islands: UTC +06:30

New Zealand, Chatham Islands: UTC +12:45 / +13:45

Canada, Newfoundland: UTC -3:30 / -2:30

Sri Lanka: UTC +5:30

Afghanistan: UTC +4:30

Iran: UTC +3:30 / +4:30

North Korea: UTC +8:30

Myanmar: UTC +6:30

Venezuela: UTC -4:30

Nepal: UTC +5:45

French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands: UTC -9:30

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Time Zone Map With DST

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