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“Beauty Without Borders”

timeanddate.com is a proud supporter of Global Astronomy Month.

Three people gaze at the night sky.

Global Astronomy Month is all about looking up, and sharing the sky.


In April 2021, people across the world are joining together to celebrate the Universe. It's the 12th edition of Global Astronomy Month, led by Astronomers Without Borders—a non-profit organization dedicated to “building and cultivating community through astronomy”.

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timeanddate.com is proud to support this event, which encourages everyone to go outside, look up, and share the sky. One of the highlights is a campaign called “Beauty Without Borders” to mark a conjunction of the Moon and Mars on the night of April 17.

Links to Help You Enjoy the Month

Night Sky Map showing the Moon-Mars conjunction on April 17, 2021.

Our Night Sky Map shows the Moon and Mars in the western sky above New York City at 9pm on April 17. (We slightly enlarge the size of the Moon on our Night Sky Map—this is to show its position and phase more clearly.)