Time Zone Abbreviations – Time Zones in Europe

Time zone codes and names for standard and daylight time in Europe.

AbbreviationTime zone name Other names Offset
BST British Summer Time UTC +1:00
CEST Central European Summer Time MESZ UTC +2:00
CET Central European Time MEZ UTC +1:00
EEST Eastern European Summer Time OESZ UTC +3:00
EET Eastern European Time OEZ UTC +2:00
FET Further-Eastern European Time UTC +3:00
GMT Greenwich Mean Time UTC +0:00
IST Irish Standard Time UTC +1:00
KUYT Kuybyshev Time UTC +4:00
MSD Moscow Daylight Time UTC +4:00
MSK Moscow Standard Time UTC +3:00
SAMT Samara Time UTC +4:00
WEST Western European Summer Time WESZ UTC +1:00
WET Western European Time WEZ UTC +0:00

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