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Temperatures and Weather in Africa

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Washington DC73 °FMostly cloudy.Wed 1:45:46am
New York69 °FLight rain. Overcast.Wed 1:45:46am
London68 °FPartly sunny.Wed 6:45:46am
Tokyo86 °FPassing clouds.Wed 2:45:46pm

Local Time and Weather in Africa

AbeokutaWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FLibrevilleWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
AbidjanWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FLilongweWed 7:45 amLight fog. Quite cool.41 °F
AccraWed 5:45 amPartly cloudy. Warm.77 °FLiraWed 8:45 amLow clouds.N/A
AdamaWed 8:45 amLight rain. Partly sunny. Cool.57 °FLobatseWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.44 °F
Addis AbabaWed 8:45 amLight rain. Partly sunny. Cool.57 °FLoméWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
AdrarWed 6:45 amClear. Pleasantly warm.86 °FLuandaWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.68 °F
Agadir *Wed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FLusakaWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
Al JizahWed 7:45 amFog. Warm.77 °FLuxorWed 7:45 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.84 °F
AlexandriaWed 7:45 amSunny. Warm.81 °FMahajangaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
AlgiersWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.76 °FMakurdiWed 6:45 amOvercast. Warm.81 °F
Ali SabiehWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °FMalaboWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °F
AntananarivoWed 8:45 amPartly sunny. Cool.55 °FMamoutzouWed 8:45 amScattered clouds. Warm.77 °F
AntsirananaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FMangoWed 5:45 amHail. Overcast. Mild.76 °F
ArushaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Cool.50 °FMaputoWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.59 °F
AsyutWed 7:45 amSunny. Warm.79 °FMaradiWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.80 °F
AtakpaméWed 5:45 amLight rain. Overcast. Mild.73 °FMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)Wed 8:45 amLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.40 °F
BafatáWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °FMarrakech *Wed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.70 °F
Bahir DarWed 8:45 amOvercast.N/AMasvingoWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
BamakoWed 5:45 amThunderstorms. Passing clouds. Mild.72 °FMaunWed 7:45 amSunny. Quite cool.43 °F
BanguiWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.73 °FMbaleWed 8:45 amOvercast. Cool.59 °F
BanjulWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °FMersa MatruhWed 7:45 amSunny. Mild.75 °F
BataWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.75 °FMindeloWed 4:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °F
BécharWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.82 °FMisrataWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
BeiraWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.55 °FMolepololeWed 7:45 amSunny. Cool.46 °F
BenghaziWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °FMombasaWed 8:45 amScattered showers. Partly sunny. Mild.72 °F
Big BendWed 7:45 amCool.52 °FMonastirWed 6:45 amMild.73 °F
BimboWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.73 °FMonroviaWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
BissauWed 5:45 amThunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.77 °FMoroniWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
BizerteWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.68 °FMutareWed 7:45 amLow clouds.N/A
BloemfonteinWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FMwanzaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Cool.59 °F
Bobo-DioulassoWed 5:45 amThundershowers. Overcast. Mild.71 °FMzuzuWed 7:45 amFog.N/A
BohiconWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.74 °FN'DjamenaWed 6:45 amSunny. Warm.79 °F
BouakéWed 5:45 amLight rain. Low clouds. Mild.71 °FNairobiWed 8:45 amBroken clouds. Cool.55 °F
BozoumWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.64 °FNakuruWed 8:45 amOvercast. Cool.61 °F
BrazzavilleWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.68 °FNampulaWed 7:45 amLight fog. Mild.63 °F
ButareWed 7:45 amCool.61 °FNatitingouWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.71 °F
CabindaWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.68 °FNelspruitWed 7:45 amChilly.28 °F
CairoWed 7:45 amFog. Warm.77 °FNgaoundéréWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.67 °F
Cape TownWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FNiameyWed 6:45 amClear. Warm.77 °F
Casablanca *Wed 6:45 amScattered clouds. Mild.72 °FNouadhibouWed 5:45 amClear. Mild.68 °F
ChitungwizaWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/AObockWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °F
ConakryWed 5:45 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.75 °FOranWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
ConstantineWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.68 °FOsogboWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.72 °F
CotonouWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.76 °FOuahigouyaWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.74 °F
DabakalaWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FOuarglaWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.75 °F
DakarWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FOuarzazate *Wed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.79 °F
Dakhla *Wed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FOuéssoWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.75 °F
DaloaWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.72 °FOwerriWed 6:45 amN/A
Dar es SalaamWed 8:45 amMild.68 °FParakouWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.71 °F
DikhilWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °FPembaWed 7:45 amPartly sunny. Mild.63 °F
DivoWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.73 °FPointe-NoireWed 6:45 amFog. Mild.68 °F
DjiboutiWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °FPolokwaneWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
DjougouWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.70 °FPort ElizabethWed 7:45 amScattered clouds. Cool.50 °F
DodomaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Refreshingly cool.59 °FPort-GentilWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.74 °F
DolisieWed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.69 °FPort HarcourtWed 6:45 amN/A
DoriWed 5:45 amOvercast. Warm.79 °FPort LouisWed 9:45 amOvercast. Mild.63 °F
DorraWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °FPort Mathurin (Rodrigues)Wed 9:45 amScattered clouds. Mild.75 °F
DoualaWed 6:45 amFog. Warm.77 °FPort SaidWed 7:45 amScattered clouds. Warm.79 °F
DurbanWed 7:45 amPartly sunny. Mild.64 °FPorto NovoWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
El Aaiún *Wed 6:45 amOvercast. Mild.70 °FPotchefstroomWed 7:45 amQuite cool.44 °F
El Jadida *Wed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.71 °FPraiaWed 4:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.76 °F
Fada N'gourmaWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.75 °FPretoriaWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.48 °F
FarafenniWed 5:45 amOvercast.N/AQacha's NekWed 7:45 amCool.50 °F
Fes *Wed 6:45 amClear. Mild.71 °FRabat *Wed 6:45 amPartly cloudy. Mild.72 °F
FomboniWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °FRossoWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
FrancistownWed 7:45 amSunny. Chilly.37 °FRuhengeriWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/A
FreetownWed 5:45 amRain. Passing clouds. Mild.75 °FRunduWed 7:45 amClear. Refreshingly cool.55 °F
GabèsWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.68 °FRustenburgWed 7:45 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
GaboroneWed 7:45 amSunny. Cool.46 °FRwamaganaWed 7:45 amCool.61 °F
GafsaWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.73 °FSabhaWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/A
GarouaWed 6:45 amOvercast. Warm.79 °FSaint-DenisWed 9:45 amSunny. Mild.73 °F
GeorgeWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FSaint-LouisWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
Georgetown (Ascension Island)Wed 5:45 amSprinkles. Passing clouds. Mild.73 °FSaint-PaulWed 9:45 amSunny. Mild.73 °F
GhanziWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.52 °FSaint-PierreWed 9:45 amBroken clouds. Mild.72 °F
GhardaïaWed 6:45 amClear. Pleasantly warm.81 °FSan PédroWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °F
GitaramaWed 7:45 amCool.61 °FSanta MariaWed 4:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
GomaWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/ASarhWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.75 °F
GondarWed 8:45 amLow clouds.N/ASavéWed 6:45 amLow clouds. Mild.74 °F
GuluWed 8:45 amLow clouds.N/ASerekundaWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
HammametWed 6:45 amMild.73 °FSfaxWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.72 °F
HarareWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/ASharm el-SheikhWed 7:45 amSunny. Hot.90 °F
HargeisaWed 8:45 amSunny. Mild.68 °FSikassoWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.73 °F
HarperWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FSiwa OasisWed 7:45 amClear. Mild.74 °F
Houmt Souk (Djerba)Wed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.73 °FSokodéWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °F
HurghadaWed 7:45 amClear. Warm.84 °FSokotoWed 6:45 amOvercast. Warm.80 °F
ImpfondoWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FSousseWed 6:45 amMild.73 °F
In SalahWed 6:45 amClear. Pleasantly warm.88 °FStellenboschWed 7:45 amPassing clouds. Cool.52 °F
JamestownWed 5:45 amCool.61 °FSuezWed 7:45 amClear. Warm.77 °F
JohannesburgWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.49 °FSwakopmundWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.54 °F
KabweWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FTaboraWed 8:45 amHaze. Cool.54 °F
KairouanWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.75 °FTadjouraWed 8:45 amHaze. Extremely hot.95 °F
KakataWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FTamaleWed 5:45 amLow clouds. Mild.75 °F
KampalaWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FTamanrassetWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.79 °F
KandiWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FTambacoundaWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
KanyeWed 7:45 amSunny. Quite cool.43 °FTangier *Wed 6:45 amFog. Mild.73 °F
KaraWed 5:45 amOvercast.N/ATeseneyWed 8:45 amOvercast.N/A
KasamaWed 7:45 amLow clouds.N/AThièsWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.81 °F
KassalaWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/ATindoufWed 6:45 amPartly cloudy. Extremely hot.95 °F
KasserineWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.67 °FToamasinaWed 8:45 amScattered showers. Scattered clouds. Mild.68 °F
Kharga OasisWed 7:45 amClear. Pleasantly warm.85 °FToubaWed 5:45 amClear. Warm.82 °F
KhartoumWed 7:45 amSunny. Warm.86 °FTripoliWed 7:45 amLow clouds.N/A
KigaliWed 7:45 amCool.61 °FTsabongWed 7:45 amClear. Quite cool.45 °F
KindiaWed 5:45 amLow clouds.N/ATunisWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.70 °F
KinshasaWed 6:45 amClear. Mild.68 °FVictoriaWed 9:45 amScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
KisanganiWed 7:45 amOvercast.N/AWalvis BayWed 7:45 amClear. Cool.54 °F
KisumuWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.69 °FWindhoekWed 7:45 amQuite cool.45 °F
KorhogoWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.74 °FYamoussoukroWed 5:45 amOvercast. Mild.72 °F
KoudougouWed 5:45 amClear. Mild.75 °FYaoundéWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
KoutialaWed 5:45 amThundershowers. Overcast. Mild.72 °FZagazigWed 7:45 amFog. Warm.77 °F
KufraWed 7:45 amPleasantly warm.78 °FZanzibar CityWed 8:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.74 °F
KumasiWed 5:45 amLow clouds. Mild.74 °FZarzisWed 6:45 amSunny. Mild.73 °F
LagosWed 6:45 amPassing clouds. Mild.75 °FZiguinchorWed 5:45 amPassing clouds. Warm.77 °F
LambarénéWed 6:45 amOvercast.N/AZinderWed 6:45 amClear. Warm.81 °F

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (10 places).

Wed = Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (226 places).