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Temperatures and Weather in South America

Local Time and Weather in South America

AmbatoTue 11:29 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °FManizalesTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.68 °F
Antofagasta *Tue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FMar del PlataTue 1:29 pmSunny. Hot.88 °F
AraucaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Hot.91 °FMaracayTue 12:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
ArequipaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.63 °FMarambio BaseTue 1:29 pmFog. Chilly.26 °F
ArtigasTue 1:29 pmOvercast. Warm.84 °FMarigotTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
Asuncion *Tue 1:29 pmSunny. Hot.91 °FMedellinTue 11:29 amPartly sunny. Mild.64 °F
BarquisimetoTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FMendozaTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.91 °F
Barra do GarçasTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FMercedesTue 1:29 pmThunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.77 °F
BarranquillaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FMinasTue 1:29 pmThundershowers. Partly sunny. Warm.86 °F
BelémTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FMonteríaTue 11:29 amOvercast. Warm.83 °F
Belo HorizonteTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FMontevideoTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.87 °F
Boa VistaTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.90 °FNatalTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.88 °F
BogotaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.64 °FNeuquénTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.85 °F
BrasiliaTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °FNew AmsterdamTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.85 °F
BucaramangaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.77 °FNieuw NickerieTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.83 °F
Buenos AiresTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Hot.90 °FNiteróiTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
CaliTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.84 °FOranjestadTue 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
CallaoTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FParamariboTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.87 °F
CampinasTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.88 °FPedro Juan Caballero *Tue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.91 °F
CanelonesTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °FPereiraTue 11:29 amDrizzle. Overcast. Mild.65 °F
CaracasTue 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FPetrópolisTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.88 °F
Carlini BaseTue 1:29 pmOvercast. Quite cool.41 °FPhilipsburgTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
CartagenaTue 11:29 amPassing clouds. Warm.86 °FPirassunungaTue 1:29 pmSunny. Warm.86 °F
CayenneTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FPort of SpainTue 12:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
ChaguanasTue 12:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °FPorto AlegreTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.88 °F
Ciudad del Este *Tue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.90 °FPorto VelhoTue 12:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.77 °F
CobijaTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FPunta Arenas *Tue 1:29 pmOvercast. Cool.46 °F
Colonia del SacramentoTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FPuyoTue 11:29 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
CórdobaTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.87 °FQuitoTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.66 °F
CúcutaTue 11:29 amBroken clouds. Mild.75 °FRawsonTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.79 °F
CuencaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.70 °FRiberaltaTue 12:29 pmScattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.82 °F
CuritibaTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.79 °FRio BrancoTue 11:29 amFog. Mild.74 °F
DuraznoTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FRio de JaneiroTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
Easter Island *Tue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FRochaTue 1:29 pmThunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.87 °F
Encarnación *Tue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.88 °FSaltaTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °F
Esperanza BaseTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Chilly.39 °FSaltoTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
Fernando de NoronhaTue 2:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FSalvadorTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
FloridaTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.91 °FSan FernandoTue 12:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
FortalezaTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.86 °FSan Ignacio de VelascoTue 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °F
Foz do IguaçuTue 1:29 pmSunny. Hot.91 °FSan José de MayoTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.91 °F
Fray BentosTue 1:29 pmThunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.77 °FSanta CruzTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.90 °F
GeorgetownTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.83 °FSanta FeTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.87 °F
GoiâniaTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.78 °FSantarémTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °F
GualeguaychúTue 1:29 pmOvercast. Warm.87 °FSantiago *Tue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.86 °F
GuarulhosTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FSanto DomingoTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.66 °F
GuayaquilTue 11:29 amBroken clouds. Warm.82 °FSantosTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °F
GustaviaTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FSão PauloTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °F
IbarraTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.63 °FScarboroughTue 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
ImperatrizTue 1:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.86 °FSincelejoTue 11:29 amPartly sunny. Warm.84 °F
IquitosTue 11:29 amPartly sunny. Warm.86 °FStanleyTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Cool.59 °F
La PazTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Cool.51 °FTandilTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.88 °F
La PlataTue 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Hot.90 °FTrinidadTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °F
LimaTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Warm.78 °FTrujilloTue 11:29 amSunny. Warm.81 °F
LindenTue 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.88 °FTucumánTue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °F
MaceióTue 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °FValenciaTue 12:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
Machu Picchu PuebloTue 11:29 amBroken clouds. Refreshingly cool.61 °FValparaíso *Tue 1:29 pmSunny. Mild.65 °F
MaldonadoTue 1:29 pmThundershowers. Partly sunny. Warm.86 °FVillavicencioTue 11:29 amScattered clouds. Mild.64 °F
ManausTue 12:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.79 °FViña del Mar *Tue 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.86 °F

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (10 places).

Tue = Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (116 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 16:29:01

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.