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Temperatures and Weather in Australia/Pacific

Local Time and Weather in Australia/Pacific

AdelaideSun 11:59 amRefreshingly cool.55 °FLord Howe IslandSun 12:59 pmScattered clouds. Cool.61 °F
Alice SpringsSun 11:59 amSunny. Pleasantly warm.77 °FLuganvilleSun 1:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
AlofiSat 3:29 pmWarm.82 °FMajuroSun 2:29 pmRain showers. Cloudy. Mild.76 °F
ApiaSun 3:29 pmHaze. Warm.87 °FMata-UtuSun 2:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.86 °F
AucklandSun 2:29 pmScattered clouds. Cool.59 °FMelbourneSun 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Cool.52 °F
BantamSun 8:59 amBroken clouds. Mild.75 °FMelekeokSun 11:29 amOvercast. Warm.85 °F
BowralSun 12:29 pmRefreshingly cool.57 °FNadiSun 2:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.79 °F
BrisbaneSun 12:29 pmSunny. Mild.66 °FNeiafuSun 3:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.83 °F
CairnsSun 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.81 °FNgerulmudSun 11:29 amOvercast. Warm.85 °F
CanberraSun 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FNoumeaSun 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Mild.72 °F
ChristchurchSun 2:29 pmRain. Broken clouds. Cool.50 °FNukualofaSun 3:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °F
ColoniaSun 12:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.86 °FPago PagoSat 3:29 pmScattered showers. Broken clouds. Warm.83 °F
DarwinSun 11:59 amSunny. Warm.86 °FPalikirSun 1:29 pmMostly cloudy. Warm.80 °F
EuclaSun 11:14 amPassing clouds. Mild.62 °FPalmerston NorthSun 2:29 pmCool.55 °F
FunafutiSun 2:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.86 °FPangaiSun 3:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.81 °F
Gambier IslandsSat 5:29 pmPassing clouds. Mild.66 °FPapeeteSat 4:29 pmScattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.79 °F
GizoSun 1:29 pmOvercast. Warm.81 °FPerthSun 10:29 amPartly sunny. Cool.57 °F
HagåtñaSun 12:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °FPort VilaSun 1:29 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
HobartSun 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Cool.54 °FRarotongaSat 4:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.79 °F
HoniaraSun 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.85 °FSalelologa (Savai'i)Sun 3:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.86 °F
Kanton IslandSun 3:29 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FSuvaSun 2:29 pmOvercast. Mild.74 °F
KiamaSun 12:29 pmRefreshingly cool.57 °FSydneySun 12:29 pmPassing clouds. Cool.57 °F
KingstonSun 1:29 pmScattered clouds. Cool.61 °FTarawaSun 2:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.87 °F
KiritimatiSun 4:29 pmPassing clouds. Warm.86 °FTaurangaSun 2:29 pmCool.58 °F
KoloniaSun 1:29 pmMostly cloudy. Warm.80 °FTennant CreekSun 11:59 amMild.70 °F
KororSun 11:29 amPartly sunny. Warm.84 °FTraralgonSun 12:29 pmCool.50 °F
KwajaleinSun 2:29 pmMore clouds than sun. Warm.86 °FWake IslandSun 2:29 pmScattered clouds. Warm.88 °F
LabasaSun 2:29 pmWarm.84 °FWellingtonSun 2:29 pmBroken clouds. Cool.52 °F
LautokaSun 2:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.79 °FWenoSun 12:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.86 °F
LevukaSun 2:29 pmBroken clouds. Warm.79 °FWollongongSun 12:29 pmRefreshingly cool.57 °F

Sat = Saturday, August 19, 2017 (5 places).
Sun = Sunday, August 20, 2017 (55 places).