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Temperatures and Weather in North America

Local Time and Weather in North America

AbbotsfordSat 10:10 amBroken clouds. Chilly.30 °FManitowocSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
AbileneSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.52 °FMarkhamSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.36 °F
AcapulcoSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.73 °FMary's HarbourSat 2:40 pmScattered clouds. Cold.25 °F
AdakSat 8:10 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FMasayaSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °F
AguascalientesSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.66 °FMatagalpaSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.70 °F
AkronSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.42 °FMatamorosSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °F
AlajuelaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Pleasantly warm.82 °FMay PenSat 1:10 pmScattered showers. Broken clouds. Warm.79 °F
AlbanySat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °FMayagüezSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
AlbuquerqueSat 11:10 amPartly sunny. Chilly.33 °FMazatlanSat 11:10 amCloudy. Mild.72 °F
AlexandriaSat 1:10 pmLow clouds. Cool.52 °FMcKinneySat 12:10 pmThundershowers. Mostly cloudy. Cool.51 °F
AllentownSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Cool.51 °FMemphisSat 12:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Mild.70 °F
AmarilloSat 12:10 pmSunny. Cool.53 °FMeridaSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °F
AnaheimSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FMesaSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.46 °F
AnchorageSat 9:10 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.18 °FMesquiteSat 12:10 pmRain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.64 °F
Angels CampSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.40 °FMetairieSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.80 °F
Ann ArborSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.39 °FMexicaliSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °F
AnnapolisSat 1:10 pmFog. Cool.49 °FMexico CitySat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.68 °F
ArlingtonSat 12:10 pmLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.51 °FMiamiSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.80 °F
ArroyoSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FMidlandSat 12:10 pmRefreshingly cool.62 °F
AthensSat 1:10 pmLow clouds. Cool.61 °FMilwaukeeSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
AtlantaSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.76 °FMinneapolisSat 12:10 pmFog. Frigid.8 °F
Augusta (US-ME)Sat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.46 °FMississaugaSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °F
Augusta (US-GA)Sat 1:10 pmSunny. Mild.76 °FMobileSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Mild.76 °F
AuroraSat 11:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FModestoSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.40 °F
AustinSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.73 °FMontego BaySat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °F
Baker LakeSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Extremely cold.-10 °FMonterreySat 12:10 pmFog. Mild.72 °F
BakersfieldSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.45 °FMontgomerySat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.74 °F
BaltimoreSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Cool.48 °FMontpelierSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
BarrieSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Chilly.37 °FMontréalSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.37 °F
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)Sat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.81 °FMoreno ValleySat 10:10 amSunny. Quite cool.43 °F
Basseterre (St. Kitts)Sat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FNanaimoSat 10:10 amChilly.40 °F
Baton RougeSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.83 °FNaplesSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.85 °F
BeaumontSat 12:10 pmCloudy. Warm.78 °FNashvilleSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.73 °F
Belize CitySat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FNassauSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.77 °F
BelmopanSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FNew HavenSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.50 °F
BerkeleySat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Quite cool.44 °FNew OrleansSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
BillingsSat 11:10 amScattered clouds. Cold.19 °FNew YorkSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.54 °F
BirminghamSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.73 °FNewarkSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.55 °F
BismarckSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Cold.13 °FNewport NewsSat 1:10 pmSunny. Mild.74 °F
Blanc-SablonSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Cold.20 °FNomeSat 9:10 amPassing clouds. Frigid.7 °F
BoiseSat 11:10 amSnow. Ice fog. Chilly.27 °FNorfolkSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.75 °F
BostonSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FOaklandSat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
BradesSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FOakvilleSat 1:10 pmChilly.36 °F
BramptonSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °FOaxacaSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.70 °F
BridgeportSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.47 °FOceansideSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.50 °F
BridgetownSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FOgdenSat 11:10 amOvercast. Cold.22 °F
BrookingsSat 12:10 pmSnow. Ice fog. Cold.16 °FOklahoma CitySat 12:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.39 °F
Bryan – College StationSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.74 °FOlatheSat 12:10 pmFog. Chilly.36 °F
BuckeyeSat 11:10 amSunny. Quite cool.45 °FOlympiaSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.38 °F
BuffaloSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.38 °FOntarioSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
BurlingtonSat 1:10 pmChilly.36 °FOrangeSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °F
BurnabySat 10:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °FOrange Walk TownSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °F
CaguasSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FOranjestadSat 2:10 pmWarm.82 °F
CalgarySat 11:10 amPassing clouds. Cold.25 °FOrilliaSat 1:10 pmChilly.33 °F
CamagüeySat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FOrlandoSat 1:10 pmCloudy. Warm.82 °F
CambridgeSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.36 °FOshawaSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.36 °F
CancúnSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FOttawaSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Cape CoralSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °FOverland ParkSat 12:10 pmFog. Chilly.36 °F
CarbondaleSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Cool.50 °FOwensboroSat 12:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Cool.52 °F
Carson CitySat 10:10 amMore clouds than sun. Cold.22 °FOxfordSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.72 °F
CastriesSat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.81 °FOxnardSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °F
Cedar RapidsSat 12:10 pmLow clouds. Chilly.34 °FPanamaSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °F
Charleston (SC)Sat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.80 °FParadiseSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.39 °F
Charleston (WV)Sat 1:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Cool.61 °FPasadena (USA-TX)Sat 12:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.79 °F
CharlestownSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °FPasadena (USA-CA)Sat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.49 °F
CharlotteSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.71 °FPatersonSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.53 °F
Charlotte AmalieSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.80 °FPensacolaSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.78 °F
CharlottetownSat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.36 °FPeoriaSat 12:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Chilly.40 °F
Chatham-KentSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °FPhiladelphiaSat 1:10 pmFog. Cool.48 °F
ChattanoogaSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.74 °FPhoenixSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
ChesapeakeSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.75 °FPierreSat 12:10 pmLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.15 °F
ChetumalSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.84 °FPittsburghSat 1:10 pmRain. Fog. Cool.46 °F
CheyenneSat 11:10 amSunny. Cold.21 °FPlanoSat 12:10 pmThundershowers. Mostly cloudy. Cool.51 °F
ChibougamauSat 1:10 pmLight snow. Partly sunny. Cold.14 °FPlaya del CarmenSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °F
ChicagoSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.38 °FPointe-à-PitreSat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.81 °F
ChihuahuaSat 11:10 amPartly sunny. Refreshingly cool.59 °FPomonaSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.50 °F
CholomaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.84 °FPonceSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
ChristianstedSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °FPond InletSat 1:10 pmSunny. Extremely cold.-36 °F
Chula VistaSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.52 °FPort-au-PrinceSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.88 °F
CincinnatiSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Cool.51 °FPortland (Maine)Sat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Cool.51 °F
Citrus HeightsSat 10:10 amPartly sunny. Quite cool.45 °FPortland (Oregon)Sat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Chilly.40 °F
Ciudad JuárezSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.46 °FPortsmouthSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.75 °F
ClarksvilleSat 12:10 pmCloudy. Mild.70 °FPrince GeorgeSat 10:10 amMostly cloudy. Cold.21 °F
ClevelandSat 1:10 pmLight rain. More clouds than sun. Chilly.40 °FPrincetonSat 12:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Cool.53 °F
Cockburn HarbourSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FProvidenceSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Refreshingly cool.58 °F
Codrington (Barbuda)Sat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FProvidencialesSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
ColimaSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.73 °FProvoSat 11:10 amPartly sunny. Cold.21 °F
ColónSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.84 °FPuerto PlataSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °F
Columbia (us-mo)Sat 12:10 pmQuite cool.42 °FPuerto VallartaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Mild.75 °F
Columbia (us-sc)Sat 1:10 pmSunny. Warm.77 °FPunta CanaSat 2:10 pmScattered showers. Partly sunny. Mild.75 °F
Columbus (US-GA)Sat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.78 °FPunta GordaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
Columbus (US-OH)Sat 1:10 pmLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.49 °FQuébecSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °F
Concepción de La VegaSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FQuerétaroSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.70 °F
ConcordSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.46 °FQuetzaltenangoSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Mild.68 °F
CoquitlamSat 10:10 amChilly.30 °FRaleighSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.71 °F
Coral HarbourSat 1:10 pmSnow flurries. Overcast. Extremely cold.-13 °FRancho CucamongaSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
CranbrookSat 11:10 amBroken clouds. Cold.12 °FRapid CitySat 11:10 amSunny. Cold.23 °F
Cruz BaySat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.80 °FReginaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Cold.10 °F
CuernavacaSat 12:10 pmSunny. Pleasantly warm.77 °FResolute BaySat 12:10 pmSnow flurries. Scattered clouds. Extremely cold.-20 °F
DallasSat 12:10 pmThunderstorms. Fog. Cool.52 °FReynosaSat 12:10 pmSunny. Warm.85 °F
DangrigaSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FRichmond (CA-BC)Sat 10:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °F
DavidSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Hot.91 °FRichmond (US-VA)Sat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.70 °F
DaytonSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.48 °FRichmond HillSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.36 °F
DecaturSat 12:10 pmLow clouds. Quite cool.42 °FRiversideSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
DenisonSat 12:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Cool.46 °FRiversideSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.48 °F
DenverSat 11:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FRoad TownSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
Des MoinesSat 12:10 pmLight freezing rain. Low clouds. Chilly.32 °FRochesterSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
DetroitSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.37 °FRockfordSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.35 °F
DoverSat 1:10 pmFog. Cool.50 °FRoseauSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
DurangoSat 12:10 pmSunny. Cool.53 °FSacramentoSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.39 °F
EcatepecSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.68 °FSaguenaySat 1:10 pmChilly.28 °F
EdmontonSat 11:10 amChilly.27 °FSahuaritaSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.45 °F
El MonteSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FSaint George'sSat 2:10 pmSprinkles. Overcast. Warm.79 °F
El PasoSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °FSaint John (CA - NB)Sat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Quite cool.41 °F
ElizabethSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.55 °FSaint John's (Antigua)Sat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
ErieSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.40 °FSaint-PierreSat 3:10 pmLight snow. Partly sunny. Chilly.32 °F
EscondidoSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.50 °FSaint ThomasSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.80 °F
EscuintlaSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.70 °FSaipanSun 4:10 amPassing clouds. Mild.76 °F
EugeneSat 10:10 amOvercast. Chilly.36 °FSalaberry-de-ValleyfieldSat 1:10 pmChilly.37 °F
EurekaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-27 °FSalemSat 10:10 amPartly sunny. Quite cool.42 °F
EvansvilleSat 12:10 pmHeavy rain. Fog. Cool.52 °FSalinasSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.40 °F
FairbanksSat 9:10 amClear. Frigid.-5 °FSalt Lake CitySat 11:10 amPartly sunny. Chilly.25 °F
FargoSat 12:10 pmSunny. Frigid.8 °FSan AntonioSat 12:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Mild.69 °F
Fayetteville (US-AR)Sat 12:10 pmLight rain. Overcast. Cool.61 °FSan BernardinoSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
Fayetteville (NC)Sat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.73 °FSan DiegoSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.52 °F
FlintSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.35 °FSan FranciscoSat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Cool.50 °F
Fort-de-FranceSat 2:10 pmMostly cloudy. Warm.81 °FSan Jose (CR)Sat 12:10 pmSunny. Pleasantly warm.79 °F
Fort LauderdaleSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.80 °FSan Jose (USA)Sat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Cool.45 °F
Fort SmithSat 12:10 pmRain. Low clouds. Cool.53 °FSan JuanSat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °F
Fort WayneSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.40 °FSan Juan de la MaguanaSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.84 °F
Fort WorthSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Cool.50 °FSan Luis PotosiSat 12:10 pmSunny. Cool.57 °F
FrankfortSat 1:10 pmLow clouds. Cool.52 °FSan MiguelSat 12:10 pmSunny. Hot.91 °F
FreeportSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.81 °FSan PedroSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °F
FremontSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.45 °FSan Pedro SulaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.84 °F
FresnilloSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Mild.68 °FSan SalvadorSat 12:10 pmSunny. Warm.79 °F
FresnoSat 10:10 amPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FSan VicenteSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Hot.91 °F
FullertonSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FSancti SpíritusSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
GainesvilleSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °FSanta Ana (SV)Sat 12:10 pmSunny. Warm.79 °F
GarlandSat 12:10 pmRain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.64 °FSanta Ana (US-CA)Sat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °F
GatineauSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.32 °FSanta BarbaraSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °F
George Town (Cayman)Sat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.73 °FSanta ClaraSat 1:10 pmWarm.82 °F
Glendale (USA-AZ)Sat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.47 °FSanta ClaritaSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.51 °F
Glendale (USA-CA)Sat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.49 °FSanta FeSat 11:10 amSunny. Chilly.32 °F
GoodyearSat 11:10 amSunny. Quite cool.45 °FSanta María HuatulcoSat 12:10 pmSunny. Warm.79 °F
Grand RapidsSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.39 °FSanta RosaSat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Chilly.34 °F
Greater SudburySat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.27 °FSantiago de CubaSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °F
Grise FiordSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Extremely cold.-22 °FSantiago de los CaballerosSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.79 °F
GuadalajaraSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.72 °FSantiago de VeraguasSat 1:10 pmSunny. Warm.83 °F
Guatemala CitySat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.70 °FSanto DomingoSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds.N/A
GuelphSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.36 °FSaskatoonSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Cold.18 °F
HagåtñaSun 4:10 amClear. Warm.79 °FScottsdaleSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.46 °F
HalifaxSat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.37 °FSeattleSat 10:10 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
Hamilton (Bermuda)Sat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.72 °FSherbrookeSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.34 °F
Hamilton (CA-ON)Sat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FShreveportSat 12:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.74 °F
HamptonSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.72 °FSikestonSat 12:10 pmLow clouds. Cool.54 °F
Happy Valley-Goose BaySat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Cold.12 °FSimi ValleySat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.51 °F
HarrisburgSat 1:10 pmFog. Cool.49 °FSioux FallsSat 12:10 pmLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.18 °F
HartfordSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.54 °FSouth BendSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
HavanaSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FSpanish TownSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °F
HaywardSat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Cool.46 °FSpringfield (IL)Sat 12:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.43 °F
HelenaSat 11:10 amOvercast. Cold.21 °FSpringfield (MA)Sat 1:10 pmCool.50 °F
HermosilloSat 11:10 amSunny. Mild.63 °FSpringfield (MO)Sat 12:10 pmHeavy rain. Fog. Cool.52 °F
HesperiaSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.30 °FSquamishSat 10:10 amCold.25 °F
HialeahSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.83 °FSt. CatharinesSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °F
HillsboroSat 10:10 amBroken clouds. Chilly.38 °FSt. Clair ShoresSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
HiloSat 8:10 amRain. Fog. Mild.70 °FSt. John's (CA - NF)Sat 2:40 pmLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.28 °F
HolguínSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.82 °FSt. JosephSat 12:10 pmChilly.36 °F
Hollywood (US-FL)Sat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.80 °FSt. LouisSat 12:10 pmFog. Quite cool.44 °F
Hollywood (US-CA)Sat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.49 °FSt. PaulSat 12:10 pmIce fog. Cold.21 °F
HonoluluSat 8:10 amMostly cloudy. Mild.75 °FSt. PetersburgSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.80 °F
HoustonSat 12:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.76 °FStamfordSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.53 °F
Huntington BeachSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FSterling HeightsSat 1:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Chilly.36 °F
HuntsvilleSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.71 °FStocktonSat 10:10 amSunny. Quite cool.42 °F
IndependenceSat 12:10 pmFog. Chilly.38 °FSunnyvaleSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.45 °F
IndianapolisSat 1:10 pmHeavy rain. Overcast. Quite cool.43 °FSurreySat 10:10 amChilly.30 °F
InglewoodSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.52 °FSyracuseSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.40 °F
InuvikSat 11:10 amLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.3 °FTallahasseeSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.80 °F
IqaluitSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Extremely cold.-20 °FTampaSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °F
IrvineSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FTegucigalpaSat 12:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.68 °F
IrvingSat 12:10 pmStrong thunderstorms. Fog. Cool.51 °FTempeSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.48 °F
JacksonSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FTepicSat 11:10 amSunny. Cool.59 °F
JacksonvilleSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.79 °FTexcocoSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.68 °F
Jefferson CitySat 12:10 pmFog. Quite cool.43 °FThe BottomSat 2:10 pmWarm.82 °F
Jersey CitySat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.55 °FThe ValleySat 2:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °F
JoplinSat 12:10 pmThunderstorms. Fog. Cool.46 °FThousand OaksSat 10:10 amCool.55 °F
JuneauSat 9:10 amSnow. Ice fog. Chilly.26 °FThunder BaySat 1:10 pmSunny. Cold.19 °F
KamloopsSat 10:10 amPassing clouds. Cold.15 °FTijuanaSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.50 °F
Kansas City (US-KS)Sat 12:10 pmFog. Chilly.39 °FToledoSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
Kansas City (US-MO)Sat 12:10 pmFog. Chilly.39 °FTopekaSat 12:10 pmLow clouds. Chilly.38 °F
KelownaSat 10:10 amIce fog. Cold.23 °FTorontoSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Chilly.36 °F
Key WestSat 1:10 pmSunny. Warm.80 °FTorranceSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.52 °F
Kingston (Canada)Sat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.39 °FTrentonSat 1:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Cool.49 °F
Kingston (Jm)Sat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.81 °FTrois-RivieresSat 1:10 pmChilly.34 °F
KingstownSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FTucsonSat 11:10 amSunny. Quite cool.44 °F
KitchenerSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.36 °FTurlockSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.40 °F
KnoxvilleSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Mild.73 °FTuxtla GutierrezSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.74 °F
KralendijkSat 2:10 pmBroken clouds. Warm.82 °FUnalaskaSat 9:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.37 °F
KuujjuaqSat 1:10 pmPassing clouds. Frigid.-9 °FVallejoSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.38 °F
La CeibaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.81 °FVancouverSat 10:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.32 °F
La RomanaSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °FVeracruzSat 12:10 pmSunny. Warm.84 °F
LakewoodSat 11:10 amPassing clouds. Chilly.27 °FVictoriaSat 10:10 amScattered clouds. Chilly.39 °F
LansingSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.38 °FVictorvilleSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.30 °F
LaredoSat 12:10 pmOvercast. Mild.73 °FVieux FortSat 2:10 pmPartly sunny. Warm.82 °F
Las VegasSat 10:10 amClear. Chilly.36 °FVirginia BeachSat 1:10 pmScattered clouds. Mild.75 °F
LavalSat 1:10 pmBroken clouds. Chilly.36 °FVisaliaSat 10:10 amSunny. Chilly.40 °F
LeonSat 12:10 pmSunny. Mild.72 °FWacoSat 12:10 pmMostly cloudy. Mild.69 °F
LeónSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FWailukuSat 8:10 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
Lexington-FayetteSat 1:10 pmLight rain. Fog. Cool.53 °FWake IslandSun 6:10 amPartly cloudy. Mild.75 °F
LiberiaSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Hot.90 °FWaldorfSat 1:10 pmFog. Cool.50 °F
LimónSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.82 °FWarrenSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
LincolnSat 12:10 pmIce fog. Chilly.27 °FWashington DCSat 1:10 pmLow clouds. Cool.52 °F
Little RockSat 12:10 pmLight rain. Cloudy. Mild.67 °FWaterburySat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Cool.50 °F
LivoniaSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.40 °FWhistlerSat 10:10 amCold.25 °F
LondonSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FWhitehorseSat 10:10 amPartly sunny. Frigid.3 °F
Long BeachSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.53 °FWichitaSat 12:10 pmLow clouds. Chilly.35 °F
LongueuilSat 1:10 pmChilly.37 °FWillemstadSat 2:10 pmPassing clouds. Warm.81 °F
Los AngelesSat 10:10 amSunny. Cool.52 °FWindsorSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
LouisvilleSat 1:10 pmLight rain. More clouds than sun. Cool.53 °FWinnipegSat 12:10 pmCold.16 °F
LowellSat 1:10 pmSunny. Cool.53 °FWinston-SalemSat 1:10 pmPartly sunny. Mild.67 °F
LynchburgSat 1:10 pmOvercast. Cool.62 °FWorcesterSat 1:10 pmSunny. Cool.49 °F
MaconSat 1:10 pmSunny. Warm.80 °FYellowknifeSat 11:10 amPartly sunny. Frigid.7 °F
MadisonSat 12:10 pmMore clouds than sun. Chilly.33 °FYonkersSat 1:10 pmMostly cloudy. Cool.54 °F
ManaguaSat 12:10 pmScattered clouds. Warm.86 °FZacatecasSat 12:10 pmPassing clouds. Mild.68 °F

Sat = Saturday, February 24, 2018 (443 places).
Sun = Sunday, February 25, 2018 (3 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 18:10:43

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.