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How to Support Us

We are a team of developers, designers, journalists, and researchers devoted to providing you with accurate and reliable tools and services.

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Become a Supporter to help us make more great content.

It takes both time and money to develop and maintain timeanddate.com. There are several ways to contribute to further development of our site and services.

1. Become a Supporter

Become a Supporter at timeanddate.com. We remove the ads throughout the website, your content downloads faster, it appears higher up on the page, and you avoid the distractions of the ads.

Another perk for our Supporters is sunrise and sunset and moonrise and moonset times showed down to the second in any location.

Please note that your support of timeanddate.com does not constitute a charitable donation, and as such, your contribution is not eligible for a tax deduction.

2. Disable Your Ad-blocker

Advertising is what keeps timeanddate.com afloat, and unless you are a Supporter, we rely on this income to keep improving our site.

Please disable any ad-blocker (except pop-up blockers). We make sure that ads don't get in your way when browsing our website. We show a maximum of two ads per page and try to block any ads that are annoying, embarrassing, shady, disturbing, or offensive.

3. Buy an App

Buy one of our iOS or Android apps. Our apps include the World Clock, Countdown, and Meeting Planner for iOS and Android and are available offline for your convenience.

Shop on Amazon via Our Site

If you go to amazon.com from our site to buy books, electronics, music, video and more, and timeanddate.com will be paid commission.

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Send Us Feedback

If you see an error, even if it is just a minor spelling or grammar error, please let us know.

User suggestions are always welcome, as is user criticism. Add a sentence or two about why or how the site it is useful to you by sending an email to webmaster@timeanddate.com.