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Contribute to timeanddate.com

timeanddate.com costs time (no pun intended) and money to develop and maintain. Here are some ways you can help us continually develop and improve our site:

Contribute financially

  • Don't use an advertising blocker (except pop-up blockers) - timeanddate.com is mainly funded by advertising and it will not run without advertising revenue.
  • Buy one of our iPhone or iPad apps.
  • Go to Amazon from our site to buy books, electronics, music, video and more, and timeanddate.com will be paid commission.

Tell others about us

  • If you have a website or blog, you can link or mention timeanddate.com on your site.
  • If your local newspaper reviews websites, you may want to recommend timeanddate.com.
  • Tell friends, family and colleagues about timeanddate.com. Feel free to use social media, including Facebook or Twitter, to share our site with others.

Send us feedback

  • If you see an error, even if it just a minor spelling or grammar error, please let us know.
  • User suggestions are always welcome - as is user criticism.
  • Please just tell us that you use the site - and a sentence or two about why or how it is useful to you - use the feedback address webmaster@timeanddate.com.